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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Project: Evaluation of Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Faba Bean and Pea Germplasm Maintained at WRPIS

Location: Plant Germplasm Introduction and Testing Research

Project Number: 2090-21000-028-02-N
Project Type: Non-Funded Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Oct 1, 2012
End Date: Sep 30, 2017

Evaluating drought tolerance, heat tolerance, salinity tolerance and winter hardiness of pea and faba bean germplasm.

Two thousand accessions of pea and 300 accessions of faba bean germplasm available from WRPIS will be grow out in open field in areas subjected to the respective abiotic stresses for evaluation. Established field practice for land preparation, planting and cultivation will be carried out for the experiments with or without replications. For drought resistance and heat tolerance, screening will be conducted in Yunnan province. For salinity tolerance and winter hardiness, screening will be conducted during winter in Qingdao and Beijing. The response to the stress of each accession will be scored on the scale of 1 to 3: 1) good tolerance; 2) intermediate tolerance and 3) no tolerance. Select the accessions with the highest tolerance to make crosses and produce segregating population for further studies such as QTL mapping and breeding.

Last Modified: 05/23/2017
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