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Research Project: Testing of Advanced Potato Germplasm for Agronomic, Storage, and Processing Quality Characteristics

Location: Temperate Tree Fruit and Vegetable Research

2013 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
Testing of advanced potato breeding lines for yield, grade, storage profiles, and processing quality, and determine cultural practices for each selection that will optimize yield and quality, profitability and sustainability.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Conduct multi-site trials using seed produced under a strict hygienic regimen designed to maintain freedom from important viruses. Evaluate advanced materials emerging from USDA/ARS potato breeding program at Aberdeen, Idaho, Prosser, Washington, and other breeding programs. Carry out post-harvest assessments for internal and/or external defects, storability, and quality of processed products. Identify low acrylamide advanced breeding lines. Coordinate largescale yield and quality trials with industry stakeholders to determine feasibility of profitable production under standard commercial conditions. Conduct trials to determine optimum fertilizer requirements, water use efficiency, seed piece spacing, and tolerance to selected herbicides for each selection.

3. Progress Report:
Due to sequester and recision cuts, this SCA was unfunded this FY. Project is on hold. This project relates to the parent project Objective 1: "Determine the value of advanced potato germplasm with particular attention to disease, pest, and stress resistance, yield, quality characteristics, and profitability parameters."

4. Accomplishments

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