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Location: Soil Drainage Research

2013 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
The objective of this project is to investigate natural resource issues associated with managed turf landscapes and evaluate best management practices designed to address natural resource concerns.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
The approach will primarily be field oriented. We will use field sites in OH, MN, and TX to assess the fate and transport of nutrients and pesticides from managed turf. Before – after watershed scale studies will be used to quantify the fate and transport as well as aid in the determination of the processes and management controlling the fate and transport of nutrients and pesticides from turf environments. Additionally, we will investigate different best management practices and technologies including end-of-tile and in-stream filtration, buffers, application setbacks, organic fertilizers, and clippings removal.

3. Progress Report:
Progress continues on understanding the natural resource issues with managed turf. Data continue to be collected on a golf course in MN and one in OH to quantify the impact of turf management and identify the processes most critical in addressing offsite transport of agrichemicals and nutrients. Recent findings indicate that chlorothalonil, a golf course fungicide, moves more frequently and in greater quantities than indicated by its label. Additionally, the chlorothalonil losses are at levels consistent with those shown to have detrimental effects on sensitive organisms. Transitioning from traditional application rates of commercial inorganic fertilizers to reduced rates of organic fertilizers substantially reduced the amount of phosphorus exiting the course. Investigations on the implementation of filter socks around surface inlets and in conjunction with and end-of-tile filter are still ongoing. Findings have been shared through presentations and manuscripts. The work and progress associated with this project supports objective 1 of the parent project, specifically sub-objective 1c: Assess and characterize the environmental aspects of urban and golf course turf.

4. Accomplishments

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