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Research Project: Baseline Susceptibility of Tarnished Plant Bug to the Insect Growth Regulator, Novaluron

Location: Southern Insect Management Research

2011 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
Objective 1: To establish a baseline for susceptibility of tarnished plant bug populations in the Mississippi Delta to novaluron. Objective 2: To monitor tarnished plant bug populations over a three-year period for potential shifts in susceptibility due to increased exposure in cotton and other crops.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
Baseline susceptibility to novaluron will be determined using glass-vial bioassays with tarnished plant bug adults collected from weed hosts found near cotton fields at 10-20 locations in the Mississippi Delta. Tarnished plant bug populations will continue to be monitored for a three-year period for potential shifts in susceptibility caused by increased exposure to novaluron.

3. Progress Report
Glass vial bioassays with novaluron were conducted with a susceptible tarnished plant bug population from Crossett, AR, to determine the appropriate rates to use in dose-mortality tests to establish a baseline for susceptibility for tarnished plant bug populations in the Mississippi Delta. LC50’s were generated for the susceptible population, which will serve as a control for field-collected populations. At present, 3 field-collected populations of tarnished plant bug have been successfully tested against novaluron in glass vial bioassays. Six additional tarnished plant bug colonies have been established in the laboratory and will be tested in the near future. During this first field season of glass vial testing with novaluron, our goal is to test 10-20 tarnished plant bug populations encompassing populations that have been exposed to novaluron, as well as those with no exposure to the insecticide. ADODR used site visit, email and telephone conferences to monitor activities of the project.

4. Accomplishments

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