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Research Project: California-Adapted Barleys for Resistance to Stem Rust (UG99)

Location: Forage Seed and Cereal Research

2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
Produce F3 populations of California-adapted barleys crossed with sources of genes for resistance to the Ug99 stem rust pathogen.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Make crosses between Ug99-resistant barley lines and various market types of barley adapted to California production. The Ug99 resistant lines will be from ICARDA/CIMMYT material previously tested by Brian Steffensen at University of Minnesota, hulless lines from UC Davis and spring 2-row barleys from Washington State University. The locally-adapted lines will include hulled spring barleys for malting. Conduct field evaluations of F2 populations for agronomic traits including cold tolerance and resistance to local diseases, then advance to the F3 generation for further testing. The materials resulting from this SCA will be available for further development and testing to select materials that are locally adapted and have resistance to Ug99. This SCA supports research conducted under National Program (NP) Number303, Plant Diseases. The research is conducted as part of ARS research project 5358-22000-035-00D, augmented by the FY2010 Program Increase for Research to Strengthen Grain Disease Research to Reduce World Hunger.

3. Progress Report:
This project is one of three Specific Cooperative Agreements (SCAs) that support the in-house parent project's objective 1C: Identify germplasm and increase seed for wheat and barley lines with resistance to stem rust Ug99. In particular, this SCA conducts research supporting the national Ug99 barley breeding effort by evaluating Ug99-resistant feed barleys and other lines for agronomic adaptation to California conditions, and by producing derivative barley populations for further UG99 resistance assessment. All University of California (UC) Davis feed barleys are susceptible to Ug99 and associated races of stem rust. Several sources of resistance have been crossed to UC Davis barley germplasm, and various populations are at different stages of development. The summer greenhouse at UC Davis contained the following material: F3 of Ishi X Utah 52, F3 of Orca X Utah 47, F3 of UC1231 X Feg175-58, F3 of 22IBYT7 X Feg186-96, F3 of Conlon X Orca, F4 of Butta 9 X 07MB390, F4 of Butta 9 X 06WA 458-14. In addition the F5 of Butta 12 X Madre Selva was sent to Njoro, Kenya but no results have been returned by the USDA as yet. Numerous other populations were created using Madre Selva. When inbred lines of each population reach the F5, then samples will be sent to Njoro for testing. All materials will be planted at UC Davis in the winter growing season of 2012 and generation advanced. The project is on schedule and several years will be required to complete this long term task.

4. Accomplishments

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