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Location: Sunflower and Plant Biology Research

Project Number: 3060-21220-028-09-S
Project Type: Non-Assistance Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Jul 1, 2010
End Date: Jun 30, 2015

The long term goals of this project are to develop pinto beans with enhanced levels of resistance to white mold.

The project is to phenotype a pinto bean RIL population for reaction to white mold over a multi-year period in field trials and greenhouse. The RIL population will be grown and evaluated in a 4-replicate white mold field nursery. The nursery, located at the Montcalm Research Farm in Entrican, Michigan, is naturally infested with high levels of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, and is irrigated during and after flowering to further encourage disease development. The RILs will be planted in two row plots and will be flanked by two rows of a highly susceptible variety that serves as a spreader of the disease to further promote uniform white mold development. Resistance to white mold will be evaluated, along with yield under disease pressure, architecture, and agronomic desirability. Additionally, the RILs will be evaluated in the greenhouse for genetic resistance to white mold using the straw and oxalate tests. The QTL study will be to genotype the individual lines in the mapping populations and develop a molecular linkage map. The individual RILs of each population will be genotyped using available SSR, TRAP and SRAP markers. Upon completion of this genotyping step, mapping software will be employed to develop a linkage map for each population. Once a linkage map is obtained, QTL analysis software will be used to determine the location of QTL for white mold resistance in the mapping population, and the parent from which each QTL originated. In order to validate the potential of resistance QTL identified in this study a MAS study based on the same resistance QTL will be conducted under severe white mold pressure in a second pinto population during the final growing season. We will investigate the role of specific defense genes in conferring resistance to white mold in pinto bean and explore synteny of Phaseolus QTL with other legumes.

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