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Location: National Germplasm Resources Laboratory

2010 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
Provide a non-monetary benefit to Morocco for providing access to U.S. scientists the access and export wild and cultivated plant genetic resources within Morocco.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
ARS is interested in the collection, conservation, evaluation, and use of genetic resources of agronomic and horticultural crops and closely related taxa native to Morocco. The NGRL/PEO project plan: 1275-21000-228-00D, has two objectives that directly relate to this agreement: 1) identify, collect and conserve needed plant genetic resources and 2). In compliance with international treaties and national policies, develop innovative approaches for access and benefit-sharing that enhance donor nations’ capacity to conserve, document, and use genetic resources, and provide NPGS access to these genetic resources. The Cooperator is interested in the collection, conservation, evaluation, and use of genetic resources of agronomic and horticultural species economically important to Morocco. This grant specifically supports the pollination controlled increase of seeds collected during the 2010 Joint Morocco-U.S. Plant Exploration for Beta and the initial characterization of the collected germplasm. Continued collaborations between ARS and the Cooperator will hopefully lead to additional plant explorations in Morocco and additional benefit sharing projects are likely under this grant.

3. Progress Report
This Grant Agreement supports the collaborative collection, documentation, and conservation of cultivated and wild crop genetic resources indigenous to Morocco. This Grant facilitates providing benefits to Morocco for providing access to their native plant genetic resources for the USDA/ARS managed U.S. National Plant Germplasm System. In FY 2010, a collaborative plant exploration in Morocco for accessions of Beta was conducted by U.S. and Moroccan scientists. The germplasm and associated documentation was shared by both parties and entered into the national germplasm systems of both countries. A seed increase and characterization project of the collected Beta accessions was conducted by the National Genebank of Morocco and funded through this grant. Continued collaborations through joint plant explorations in 2011 are currently being developed. The agreement was monitored through e-mail.

4. Accomplishments

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