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2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
Develop and evaluate culturally appropriate dietary and physical activity interventional strategies, based upon the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), for obesity prevention and health promotion in this population.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
This objective will be accomplished in two stages. We will first develop and evaluate relevant and culturally appropriate dietary modifications aimed at effecting significant improvement in adherence to the 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) in Delta populations. This will be accomplished by performing analysis of existing data from the FOODS 2000 study and food supply adequacy study to develop specific culturally acceptable dietary modification that can improve scores for specific health eating index (HEI)-2005 dietary components using familiar and available foods. The potential population impact of these modifications will be evaluated using data simulations methods. Finally we will utilize these dietary modifications to develop a culturally apporpriate church-based intervention aimed at improving dietary quality and physical activity frequency among Delta African Americans.

3. Progress Report:
In collaboration with the Delta Health Alliance and Mississippi Valley State University, ARS Scientists with the Delta Human Nutrition Research Project at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, completed data collection for the second of two iterations of a full-scale,- group randomized, church-based, dietary and physical activity intervention (Delta Body and Soul) for African American adults residing in the Lower Mississippi Delta region of Mississippi. Baseline and follow-up demographic, diet, physical activity, and psychosocial measures on 101 control and 221 intervention participants in the moderate intensity arm of the Delta Body and Soul study was collected. In collaboration with the ARS Western Business Service Center information technology team, an in-house, real time, remote database was developed for this project. All baseline and follow-up data has been cleaned, double-entered, and systematically checked for accuracy (using a multi-level quality assurance process), with the exception of the dietary surveys. All cleaned baseline and follow-up dietary surveys have been sent to collaborators at Northeastern University for processing. The analysis of the Delta Body and Soul pilot study data collected in 2009-2010 was completed and one manuscript submitted to a peer-reviewed journal. The analysis of the Delta Body and Soul low intensity intervention arm data collected in 2010-2011 was also completed. Two manuscripts, reporting results of the main outcomes and psychosocial constructs, are in preparation for submission to peer-reviewed journals.

4. Accomplishments
1. Effective intervention for improving diet quality and increasing physical activity in Lower Mississippi Delta African American adults. The Lower Mississippi Delta region is one of the most rural, impoverished, and health disparate regions of the country. ARS scientists with the Delta Human Nutrition Research Project at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in collaboration with Mississippi Valley State University and the Delta Health Alliance, conducted a church-based, diet and physical activity intervention for Lower Mississippi Delta African American adults. The intervention, implemented using churches, included educational sessions that incorporated both formal presentations and hands-on activities, such as cooking demonstrations and nutritional label-reading. This study, which led to improvements in diet quality, increased physical activity, and decreased blood pressure, may serve as a model for delivering effective health interventions to high risk, rural, African American populations.

Review Publications
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Last Modified: 06/24/2017
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