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Research Project: Host Range Determination of Powell Butte Globodera (PBG)

Location: Horticultural Crops Research

2011 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
To identify the host range of Powell Butte Globodera.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
This research will 1) survey the remainder of the OSU farm to determine the extent of the infestation and to collect additional cysts, and 2) investigate PBG’s host range including potato. Documents SCA with Oregon State University.

3. Progress Report
The potato cyst nematodes (Globodera rostochiensis and Globodera pallida) are of regulatory concern to the United States because of their potential impact on potato production and on the ability of U.S. growers to export potatoes to other countries. Because of these concerns, surveys have been conducted to determine the occurrence and distribution of these nematodes in the United States. During one such survey in Oregon, an atypical Globodera was found that could not be identified as G. rostochiensis or G. pallida based upon morphological and molecular data. Because of the inability to place this nematode into a species, the host range of this nematode and its ability to parasitize potato are unknown. Research was conducted to identify root diffusates (chemical compounds released by roots) that stimulate/inhibit egg hatch in this atypical Globodera; exposure of potato cyst nematodes to potato diffusates is known to be important for the nematodes to complete their life cycles. Twenty-one root diffusates were tested against the Oregon nematode in laboratory experiments. This nematode hatched readily only in the presence of diffusates from potato and tomato. Root diffusates from arugula, sudangrass, and common vetch inhibited egg hatch compared to the other tested root diffusates. Research to identify the host range of this Globodera population is ongoing. Methods of project monitoring included meetings, e-mail, and phone calls.

4. Accomplishments

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