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2010 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
Statistical analyses of 7-year database from Trellis Tension Monitors (TTM) in Washington state and three-year database from TTM installations in California, to determine 1) spatial distribution needed for yield estimation with TTMs; 2) accuracy of yield estimation; 3) accuracy of detecting key grapevine phenological stages from the continuous tension trace; and 4) accuracy of yield estimation under physically constrained and open-ended TTM systems.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
Complete field data collection; compute classic univariate descriptors; define linear and nonlinear models; complete geostatistical characterization of yield at research sites; and model yields from dynamic trellis tension values. Documents SCA with BioDataManagement.

3. Progress Report
The raw data collected from 71 trellis tension monitors in Washington and California vineyards were post-processed: anomalous signals were removed from the three- to six-year data records; continuously recorded tension values were corrected for temperature and normalized to pre-budbreak values for each year; atypical shifts in values were offset; a running median filter was applied to remove the effects of environmental transients. Processing was accomplished using a combination of MS-Excel and SAS software. The California dataset was delivered to ARS in this reduced form for subsequent statistical analysis by another cooperator. ADODR monitoring included lab meetings, e-mail and phone calls.

4. Accomplishments

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