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Location: Office of International Research Programs

Project Number: 0210-22310-003-95-M
Project Type: Memorandum of Understanding

Start Date: Jul 30, 2009
End Date: Jul 30, 2014

CRDF has a requirement for a Ph.D. fellow to work with CRDF senior staff in order to further the CRDF’s mission. ARS has agreed to detail a science Fellow to CRDF for a 6-12 month period.

The Parties have agreed as follows: 1. CRDF and ARS will jointly draft an announcement to solicit interested candidates for the 6-12 month Fellowship. 2. CRDF and ARS will jointly review and rank the applicants, after which CRDF will make a final decision on the Fellow selection. CRDF and ARS will communicate CRDFs selection to the applicants. 3. ARS will detail the Fellow to CRDF for a 6-12 month period, schedule to be decided upon mutual agreement between ARS and CRDF. During the course of the Fellowship, the Fellow will remain an employee of ARS and will receive salary and employment benefits directly from ARS for all work performed. 4. CRDF will conclude a separate contract directly with the ARS for the purpose of authorizing and funding any travel expenses. All travel to be undertaken will be authorized by CRDF and any expenses reimbursed directly to the ARS by CRDF. 5. CRDF and ARS will each assign a representative who will be responsible for all issues related to the Fellow’s assignment at CRDF. 6. During the detail period at CRDF, the Fellow will provide two presentations to CRDF staff on mutually agreed topics. CRDF will also strongly encourage and support the Fellow to write a manuscript for publication, white paper, or conference paper in areas of mutual interest to ARS, CRDF, and the Fellow. 7. Three months into the Fellowship period, the Fellow will write a brief mid-point status summary for CRDF. CRDF will forward the summary to ARS with additional notes via cover letter.