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Location: Delta Obesity Prevention Research

2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
The mission of the Delta Obesity Prevention Research Unit is to conduct nutrition research to prevent obesity in at-risk, rural populations in the Lower Mississippi Delta (LMD) of Arkansas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. The Agricultural Research Service (ARS), Delta OPRU is conducting a multi-component obesity prevention research project targeting at-risk rural populations. Components include: conducting a nutrition research project in rural Phillips County, Arkansas and the Lower Mississippi Delta that measures youth and adult caregivers' ability to adhere to the eating patterns as set forth in the Dietary Guidelines (DG) for Americans. Additionally, to conduct a multi-year research project to develop and assess the efficacy of an incremental adaptation and adoption of four DG, whose health impact was tested in the Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) and PREMIER: Lifestyles Intervention for Blood Pressure Control clinical trials, in promoting healthier eating and healthier weight in the LMD. These studies will provide a greater understanding of the rural minority populations sustaining healthy dietary patterns and lifestyles long term.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Our studies will focus on measuring the impact of adapting dietary menus and recipes to meet the Dietary Guidelines (DG) recommendations and DASH Dietary Patterns, analyzing 24-hour dietary recalls and/or Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ) of African American adult caregivers and rural youth. Collectively, these studies will permit the development and evaluation of a Delta DG Small Steps (Delta DGSS) Tool Kit that will be adapted to meet four DG and be culturally appropriate for use in the Delta.

3. Progress Report:
Over a 4-year period, 24-hour dietary recalls were collected in Phillips County, AR (2007-2010). As a result of changes in personnel at the Executive Office of Delta OPRU in Little Rock, AR, much of the data collected in this project needed to be reorganized into one massive database to allow for statistical analysis. Departures of several ARS scientists resulted in the recruitment of Pennington to manage the data, involve statistical support, and work to develop a model to drive manuscript development and publication of data. At this point, Pennington personnel have worked to organize all data collected. A complicated model schematic has been developed to illustrate and organize the database. All of the remaining data that is contained in the Access database of each year will be incorporated into this model, along with the food intake data with the data being linked accordingly. From the layout of the model, it will be simple to extract all data for a specific subject for all years collected. Eight different data tables have been created and populated. The remaining data tables will be created and populated from the data contained in the Access databases and spreadsheets containing dietary intake data. Statistical support will be provided by Pennington Biomedical Research Center. Once the data is finalized and organized, data analysis will begin. Due to the data collection, several research questions will drive the manuscript development regarding: TV/Video Survey (Child 2007-2008); PAR Survey (Child 2007-2008); SUS (Shape Up Summerville) Survey (Child 2009-2010); Health Survey (Caregiver 2008-2010); Meal and Snack Weights (Child snacks 2007-2010; Child meals 2009-2010); WIC MyPyramid Knowledge Test (Child 2007-2008); 24-Hour Dietary Recall (Caregiver 2008-2010 and Child 2007-2010); Will Try (Caregiver 2007-2009 and Child 2007-2009); and CDF Survey (Caregiver and Child) will be tabulated for BGACDC 2007-2008. Manuscripts are currently being discussed and developed between ARS and Pennington staff. The development of a listing of potential manuscripts is currently in progress. FDA scientists from the National Center for Toxicological Research in Jefferson, AR, will continue to be involved in the manuscript drafting and submission efforts.

4. Accomplishments

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