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2013 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
1) completion of a nursery trial initiated in 2008, which focuses on managing 1, 3-D emissions and pest control, and 2)testing and expanded demonstration of integrated alternatives to methyl bromide at commercial nurseries.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Nematode sampling will be completed and final nursery stock quality data will be analyzed. At harvest, soil and root samples will be collected and analyzed for the presence of parasitic nematodes. Analysis of the two nursery trials and two emission trials will be conducted and information transfered to interested stakeholders, scientists, and regulators via appropriate presentations, journal publications, and reports. Documents SCA with UC-Davis.

3. Progress Report:
This project was established in support of objective #1 of the in-house project, which is to demonstrate alternatives to methyl bromide(MB) in key crop systems and regions dependent upon MB. The goals of this specific project were to complete fumigant demonstration trials conducted in commercial grapevine and almond nurseries and expand upon perennial nursery herbicide research. During FY2013, research and outreach efforts focused on data analysis and reporting for a series of tree and rose nursery fumigation experiments and tree nursery herbicide research conducted during prior reporting periods. Additionally, this project provided minor support to related projects including non-fumigant approaches to orchard replant disease management and fumigant emissions reductions research. During the review period, information from this project and related research was disseminated through scientific and extension channels. Scientific reports partially or completely related to this research include a vineyard fumigation project in vineyards published in Pest Management Science (Cabrera et al. 2012), a flower nursery non-fumigant research project published in HortTechnology (Rainbolt et al. 2012), and a tree nursery herbicide paper published in Hort Technology (Abit et al. 2013, in press). Finally, a peer-reviewed paper on the overall progress of this 5-year research program (Hanson et al. 2013, accepted) was submitted to the journal, "California Agriculture", and has an anticipated publication date of Fall, 2013, in an issue focused on soil fumigation research. Information generated as a part of this project has also been presented in outreach formats including to scientists at the international methyl bromide alternatives outreach conference (11/7/12), to University of California (UC), Davis, undergraduate and graduate students (2/7/13, 5/7/13), and to regulatory agencies (3/27/13, 4/25/13). Additionally, this work was used to develop a template for the Pacific Area Wide Program for Integrated Methyl Bromide Alternatives outreach website (

4. Accomplishments

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