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2011 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
1) completion of a nursery trial initiated in 2008, which focuses on managing 1, 3-D emissions and pest control, and 2)testing and expanded demonstration of integrated alternatives to methyl bromide at commercial nurseries.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
Nematode sampling will be completed and final nursery stock quality data will be analyzed. At harvest, soil and root samples will be collected and analyzed for the presence of parasitic nematodes. Analysis of the two nursery trials and two emission trials will be conducted and information transfered to interested stakeholders, scientists, and regulators via appropriate presentations, journal publications, and reports. Documents SCA with UC-Davis.

3. Progress Report
Established in support of Obj.1 of in-house project-the goal being to demonstrate alternatives to MB in key crop systems & regions dependent upon MB. The goal of this project is to complete a nursery trial initiated in 2008, focusing on managing 1, 3-D emissions & pest control and testing & expanded demonstration of integrated alternatives to MB at commercial nurseries. During FY2011, work focused on 3 areas including demonstrations of MB alternatives in commercial perennial crop nurseries, herbicide screening in commercial tree, vine, & garden rose nursery stock, and final analysis and reporting for previously conducted efficacy and emissions research. A demo trial was established in a tree nursery near Yuba City, CA in 09/2010. This experiment had 0.6 A plots treated preplant with 3 fumigants that meet current nematode phytosanitary requirements for nurseries with fine-textured soil. Treatments included MB at 350lb/A, 332lb/A 1,3-dichloropropene (1,3-D), and a co-application of 332lb/A 1,3-D injected at 18 in. plus 250lb/A chloropicrin injected at 28 in. All treatments were sealed with HDPE film. A peach rootstock(Nemaguard)was planted in each plot(~10,000 trees per plot)by the cooperating nursery in 10/2010 and the rootstock was budded to almond scions in 05/2011. A 2nd demo trial was established in a grapevine nursery near Wasco, CA in 11/2011. This experiment included 0.75 A plots treated with 300lb MB sealed with HDPE film, 332lb/A 1,3-D sealed with HDPE film, a dual untarped treatment of 332 lb/A 1,3-D followed 2 wks later with an additional 190lbs of 1,3-D, and a co-application of 332lb/A of shank-injected 1,3-D and 20gal of Vapam rototilled into the surface soil. Bench-grafted grape nursery stock(~20,000 per plot)was planted in 04/2011 by the cooperating nursery operation. Data collection in both trials included weed control, crop vigor and establishment, and nursery stock quality at harvest in FY2012. Both trials were used in technology transfer and extension efforts. Five herbicide screening trials were initiated in FY2011 to evaluate weed control & nursery stock safety with several herbicides including indazaflam, oryzalin, rimsulfuron, penoxsulam, dithiopyr, and foransulfuron, among others. Two trials were established in a tree nursery near Yuba City, CA in 12/2010; one in a newly seeded peach rootstock block and another in a transplanted plum rootstock. Two additional trials were established in 01/2011 in a tree nursery near Newcastle, CA in a seeded peach rootstock block and a peach/almond hybrid rootstock. A garden rose nursery herbicide trial was established in 01/2011 in a commercial nursery near McFarland, CA. In the rose trial, herbicides were applied 1 day prior to the planting of the unrooted rootstock cuttings. In all herbicide trials, data were collected on weed control and crop safety to the nursery stock. Results were extended to the nursery & crop protection industry during scientific and extension meetings and industry reports. The project is monitored by maintaining a complete file of the agreement, reviewing the annual reports, and conducting meetings with the cooperator during the course of the agreement.

4. Accomplishments

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