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Location: National Programs

Project Number: 0500-00053-003-04-G
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: May 5, 2009
End Date: May 4, 2014

Project Title 1 - Develop Durum Wheat Resistant to Fusarium Head Blight: Develop FHB resistant durum wheat cultivars/germplasm with good agronomic and quality traits. Project Title 2 - Identify Sources of Resistance to Fusarium Head Blight in Durum Wheat: Screen the ICARDA durum wheat germplasm in order to identify good resistance sources of durum wheat and ultimately introgress the resistance genes into the cultivated durum wheat varieties to reduce the threat of the FHB disease.

Project Title 1: Several populations (60 to 100) will be developed by crossing adapted durum cultivars/experimental lines to known sources of resistance such as the durum cultivar Divide, durum lines with Sumai 3 resistance, Tunisian lines, and Langdon dicoccoides 3A and 7A substitution lines. Some of these populations will be developed using the doubled haploid system. F2 and subsequent generations will be planted either at Prosper, Casselton, or Langdon, ND for selection and advance. Some of these populations will be advanced in winter nurseries in New Zealand and Yuma, AZ. We will be using a modified pedigree breeding method to evaluate several segregating populations each year. F2:3 derived lines and subsequent generations first are evaluated for FHB either in the greenhouse using the point inoculation method or in the Prosper field screening nursery. DNA will be extracted from lines evaluated in the greenhouse and screened with robust known molecular markers at the USDA-ARS genotyping center at Fargo, ND. In each generation we will select lines that have less than 30% disease severity. F5:6 lines that maintain disease severity less than 30% are advanced and evaluated for FHB resistance, agronomic, and quality traits in preliminary yield trails (PYT’s) at two locations. Selected lines from PYT’s are evaluated in advanced yield trials (AYT’s) at two locations. Selected lines from AYT’s are evaluated in elite durum advanced trial (EDA) at three locations. Lines that are selected from EDA are evaluated in the uniform regional durum nursery (URDN) at 12 locations for three years. Lines from the yield trials will be harvested for DON analysis. Project Title 2: (1)Screen diverse durum accessions from ICARDA for reaction to FHB in a FHB screening nursery located at Hangzhou, China; (2)Re-evaluate the accessions exhibiting high levels of resistance in the preliminary screening test in the greenhouse and field in North Dakota; (3)Make crosses using the resistant lines and distribute them to durum wheat breeders; and (4)Determine whether the new sources of resistance carry novel resistant loci by marker haplotyping for 3BS and 3AS regions.

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