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United States Department of Agriculture

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Location: National Programs

Project Number: 0500-00053-002-82-G
Project Type: Grant

Start Date: Apr 6, 2009
End Date: Apr 5, 2014

Project Title 1: Uniform Fungicide and Biocontrol Agent Test for Control of FHB and DON on Wheat and Barley in South Dakota. This is a standard uniform efficacy trial of several fungicide products and protocols, which will be evalutaed at numerous locations and across several grain classes throughout the U.S. Project Title 2: Integrated Management of FHB and DON in Spring Wheat, Winter Wheat, and Barley in South Dakota. 1) Evaluate the integrated effects of fungicide and genetic resistance of FHB and DON three major grain classes; 2) Conduct a quantitative synthesis of the integrated effects of fungicide and resistance on FHB/DON and the influence of region-specific factors on the overall efficacy on this integrated approach; and 3) Develop "best-management practices" for FHB and DON.

Project Title 1: We will conduct our evaluation of fungicides in an irrigated, inoculated nursery at Brookings, SD and contribute the results to the coordinated project. Fungicide treatments will be applied at flowering on a susceptible variety of hard red winter wheat ('Wesley'). Data collected will include FHB incidence and severity within each plot, as well as Fusarium Damaged Kernels, deoxynivalenol concentration in grain, and common agronomic parameters (yield, test weight, ect.) Additional information collected may included foliar disease ratings for common diseases such as tan spot and leaf rust. Project Title 2: Field experiments will be conducted in South Dakota to investigate the effects of cultivar resistance and fungicide application on FHB and DON accumulation in spring wheat, winter wheat, and barely under natural conditions. All experiments will be conducted with at least two fungicide treatments and thre varieties with different levels of resistance to FHB. All trials will be managed according to the standard agronomic practices for each grain class and location. A single fungicide application will be made on the time of early anthesis (Feekes GS 10.5.1) for each cultivar using a sprayer equipped with paired Twinjet or flat fan XR8001 nozzels, mounted at an angle (30 degrees from the horizontal) forward and backward and calibrated to deliver at a rate of 10 to 20 gallons per acre. Standard disease measurements (FHB, DON, FDK) and agronomic measurements (yield, and test weight data) will be collected in all trails and analyzed to determine the effect of fungicide and cultivar resistance on each of these variables and to determine the extent to which local conditions (residue cover, cropping sequence, weather conditions, etc) affect the overall fungicide x cultivar effect.

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