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2011 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
Technical, financial, and material cooperation for implementation of the RDA Virtual Laboratory in the United States of America.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
ARS and RDA will develop carefully selected research projects of mutual interest. Research will be conducted at ARS facilities through placement of RDA scientists for short or long-term assignments. Research will be conducted cooperatively and results will be shared jointly.

3. Progress Report
This agreement replaced project number 0210-22310-002-70T. There are eight active sub-projects within the scope of the RDA-ARS Virtual Laboratory (RAVL) Program: (1) Identification of genes related to plant defense and their application to enhance resistance in soybeans (ARS Cooperator: Benjamin Matthews, ARS-Beltsville, MD); (2) Development of transgenic plants induced root knot nematode resistance by RNAi silencing of nematode lethal genes- Identify the SN genes which can confer SN resistance into soybean by RNAi.(ARS Cooperator: Dr. Benjamin Matthews, ARS-Beltsville, MD); (3) Assessment of the beneficial effects of Korean diet on the health risks related to chronic diseases.(ARS Cooperator: Allison Yates, ARS-Beltsville, MD); (4) Development of non-destructive food safety evaluation technology. (ARS Cooperator: Moon Kim, ARS-Beltsville, MD); (5) Exploration of biosynthetic genes for Fusarium mycotoxins (ARS Cooperator: Robert Proctor, ARS-Peoria, IL);(6) Soil Nutrient Contents, Hydrology and Remote Sensing, (ARS Cooperator: William Kustas, ARS-Beltsville, MD); There are two new projects that were developed in FY 2011 which include: (7) Screen of specific genes on mineral nutrient in plants and development of utilizing techniques (ARS Cooperator: (ARS Cooperator: Hari Krishnan, ARS-Columbia,MO);(8) The enhancement of diversification of fruit genetic resources and the development of a long-term storage system for their sustainable use (ARS Cooperator: Edward (Ned) Garvey, ARS-Beltsville, MD). RDA hosted a delegation from ARS for the 3rd RDA-ARS Agricultural Research Workshop in Suwon, Korea, from June 21-27, 2011. This workshop focused on plant biotechnology and featured technical presentations and discussions on: 1) genomics, development of functional crops; and 2) development of stress-resistant GM crops for climate change; 3) and GMO Biosafety. The objective of this workshop was to come to an understanding of current research capacities in these subjects and discuss how ARS and RDA may work together to address challenges. Cooperators hope to add two projects to the RAVL program as a result of this event in FY12.

4. Accomplishments

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