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2010 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
Technical, financial, and material cooperation for implementation of the RDA Virtual Laboratory in the United States of America.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
ARS and RDA will develop carefully selected research projects of mutual interest. Research will be conducted at ARS facilities through placement of RDA scientists for short or long-term assignments. Research will be conducted cooperatively and results will be shared jointly.

3. Progress Report
This report serves to document research cooperation between ARS and the Rural Development Administration for fiscal year 2010. This agreement replaced project number 0210-22310-002-70T. There are five active sub-projects continuing under this new project from the previous expired project number: ( 1) Identification of genes related to plant defense and their application to enhance resistance in soybeans (ARS Cooperator: Benjamin Matthews, BARC); (2) Identification of Quality and Safety evaluation technologies for fruits and vegetables using hyperspectral imaging and fluorescence methods (ARS Cooperator: Dr. Moon Kim,); (3) Assessing the fate and transportation of agricultural contaminants during crop cultivation (ARS Cooperator, Dr. Scott Yates,); (4) Practical use of induced resistance compound derived from endophytic and soil microorganisms (ARS Cooperator: Dr. Bryan Bailey,); and (5) Development of transgenic plants induced root knot nematode resistance by RNAi silencing of nematode lethal genes- Identify the SN genes which can confer SN resistance into soybean by RNAi. (ARS Cooperator: Dr. Benjamin Matthews, BARC). In fiscal year 2010 there was an extension of the RAVL program and there are four new research programs (total of 9 active programs); (6) Assessment of the beneficial effects of Korean diet on the health risks related to chronic diseases. (ARS Cooperator: Allison Yates) (7) Development of non-destructive food safety evaluation technology. (ARS Cooperator: Moon Kim); (8) Exploration of biosynthetic genes for Fusarium mycotoxins (ARS Cooperator: Robert Proctor); and (9) Assessment of evapotranspiration and water resources of agro-ecosystems using remote sensing and modeling techniques (ARS Cooperator: William Kustas). The RAVL program is actively working on one additional program, but we are seeking an ARS cooperator for a project entitled, “Screen of mineral nutrient-specific genes in plans and development of diagnosis techniques for nutritional disorder.”

4. Accomplishments

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