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Location: Small Grains and Potato Germplasm Research

2010 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
The specific objectives of the proposed research are: 1) Determine the nutritional value of innovative high-protein ingredients from plants such soybeans and barley including co-products from ethanol and biodiesel production; 2) Optimize amino acid balance of alternative protein diets through supplementation and blending based upon amino acid profiles of target species to increase performance of fish fed these diets; 3) Develop feeding strategies using amino acid imbalanced and complementary diets to up-regulate amino acid utilization and growth of the candidate fish species; 4) Determine effects of these various dietary and feeding manipulations on product quality, health, and stress tolerance of representative species; and, 5) Conduct a production-scale trial, using the optimized alternative protein diets, as a demonstration that will culminate in a workshop for interested industry stakeholders.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
A series of experiments will be conducted to determine nutrient and energy availability of both conventional and innovative plant protein feedstuffs to steelhead trout, cobia and red drum. Based on this information, additional feeding trials will be conducted to optimize amino acid balance of the most promising alternative protein diets through ingredient blending and amino acid supplementation. The effects of these various dietary manipulations will be evaluated in terms of product quality, health and stress tolerance of the various fish species. Enhancement of growth and amino acid retention efficiency also will be evaluated with Atlantic salmon by feeding complementary, amino acid-deficient and -enriched diets alternatively to up-regulate absorption of amino acids to increase protein synthesis and growth. A demonstration trial with industry collaborators also will be conducted to evaluate the effects of alternative protein diets on fish production, health and product quality of trout based on information developed in objectives 1-4. Finally, a workshop to inform producers of the potential for alternative protein diets will be held with results from the project being presented by all participating investigators. Documents Trust with Texas A&M (NOAA). Log 35556.

3. Progress Report
Development of Alternative Protein-based diets for prominent warmwater species. This project is underway and ingredients have been obtained, feeds produced and sent to collaborators in Texas and Virginia. Nine different ingredients were selected for evaluation with two important marine species, the red drum and cobia. The experimental feeds will be fed to each species to determine nutrient digestibility of each ingredient so that complete feeds can be formulated to maximize growth and minimize cost. Communication and coordination was achieved through frequent emails and phone conversations.

4. Accomplishments

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