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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service


Location: Dietary Prevention of Obesity-related Disease Research

2012 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416):
The objective of this cooperative research is to investigate the role of foods and their components in human health, with particular focus on the prevention of obesity, including the endogenous (biological) and exogenous (psycho-social, environmental) factors that affect the maintenance of healthy body weight and risk to co-morbidities of obesity.

1b. Approach (from AD-416):
Conduct studies with human volunteers to elucidate functions of and quantitative needs for nutrients and/or other components of foods and physical activity in the support of healthy body weight and minimization of risk to chronic disease. Includes focus groups, cross-sectional and clinical intervention studies in both residential and non-residential settings involving volunteers recruited from Grand Forks and other communities.

3. Progress Report:
Ten protocols involving human studies were managed this year. This included both residential and out-patient studies addressing the bioavailability of n3-fatty acids from salmonid fishes, the effects of dietary protein level of muscle protein during negative energy balance, the effect of vitamin D status on preeclampsia risk, the use of palmer laser raman scanning to assess carotenoid status, the use of breath 12C:13C ratio to assess energy substrate utilization.

4. Accomplishments

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