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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service

Research Project: Commercialization of New Industrial Crop Germplasm and Cropping Systems

Location: Plant Physiology and Genetics Research

2008 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
Objective 1: Develop enhanced germplasm and cultivars for low input, high yielding, cost-competitive oilseed, latex, and biomass crops as bio-fuels and bio-based products. Objective 2: Determine the physiological, biochemical, and molecular factors limiting the growth and yield of oilseed, latex, and biomass crops that could be targeted for improvement in a conventiional and/or molecular breeding program. Objective 3: Develop economical production systems for new/alternative industrial crops.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
Germplasm that has been previously collected as well as new germplasm collections will be evaluated for important characteristics to meet the objectives. Evaluation data and seed will be sent to the appropriate curators for entry into the National Plant Germplasm System. Standard and molecular breding procedures will be used in selecting and improving germplasm to develop enhanced germplasm with increased levels of desired traits such as oil content, specific fatty acid profiles, latex and resin contents, yield, resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, and biomass. Production systems will be devised and evaluated utilizing traditional plus new/alternative crops to develop systems that provide farmers profitable and sustainable management practices. New and improved analytical procedures will be developed as needed to evaluate germplasm for desired traits and potential co-producers. Formerly 5347-21410-004-00D (5/08).

3. Progress Report
This is a new project beginning June 2008 which replaced 5347-21410-004-00D. Project plan was written and approved through the OSQR process. The project title is "Commercialization of New Industrial Crop Germplasm and Cropping Systems". All major milestones in the old project were substantially met and work has started on milestones under the new project. The problem to be addressed is relevant to the NP301 Action Plan, Component 2, Problem Statement 2B: Structural Comparison and Analysis of Crop Genomes, Component 2, Problem Statement 2C: Genetic Analyses and Mapping of Important Traits; and Component 3, Problem Statement 3C: Germplasm Enhancement/Release of Improved Genetic Resources and Varieties. Objective 3 of the project is relevant to NP 305 Action Plan, Component 1, Problem Statement 1C: Sustainable Cropping Systems.

4. Accomplishments
1. Accomplishments are covered under 5347-21410-004-00D. This project began in June 2008.

5. Significant Activities that Support Special Target Populations

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