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United States Department of Agriculture

Agricultural Research Service


Location: Subtropical Insects and Horticulture Research

Project Number: 6618-21000-013-00-D
Project Type: In-House Appropriated

Start Date: Apr 4, 2008
End Date: Apr 3, 2013

1. Create new genetic combinations of citrus germplasm via conventional breeding, mutation, and transformation. a. Improve and enhance methods to evaluate and screen new priority commercial citrus scions and rootstock cultivars for resistance and/or tolerance to Huanglongbing and the Asian citrus psyllid. 2. Screen germplasm for important traits and select superior individuals. 3. Evaluate selections for field performance and other traits. 4. Release new scion and rootstock varieties for commercial use. 5. Develop new, more effective testing methods (especially RE-PCR) for screening and identifying host-plant resistance to Huanglongbing and citrus bacterial canker, and apply these testing methods to discover novel resistance genes from elite citrus germplasm, unstudied citrus wild species, traditional dooryard varieties, etc.

New citrus selections will be created by sexual hybridization, mutation, and genetic transformation from existing cultivars and species. Hybrids and other new types will be tested for important traits using molecular markers, greenhouse and laboratory assays. Promising selections from these assays will be entered into long-term field trials at multiple locations and data collected on tree health, size, fruit yield and quality. Selections that appear to have desirable combinations of traits will be released for commercial or dooryard use.

Last Modified: 06/28/2017
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