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Research Project: Improved Fly Control on Poultry Facilities with Microbial Products

Location: Mosquito and Fly Research

Project Number: 6036-32000-049-08-R
Project Type: Reimbursable Cooperative Agreement

Start Date: Apr 1, 2018
End Date: Mar 31, 2020

1. To collect new isolates of Beauveria bassiana and screen them to identify fast-killing strains. 2. To select for faster kill times in the best strains identified in Objective 1. 3. To determine compatibility of the pathogen with natural enemies of flies.

Objective 1: Flies will be collected from farms and held for signs of disease. Spores will collected from infected flies, reared on growth media, and tested for the time required to kill 50% of exposed flies (LT50). Objective 2: Flies will be exposed to Beauveria bassiana and the earliest flies to die will be used to start a new culture. This will be repeated for 10 generations. Objective 3: The virulence of the pathogen will be compared in the target (house flies) and two natural enemies, the parasitic wasp Spalangia cameroni and the predacious beetle Carcinops pumilio.