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2008 Annual Report

1a. Objectives (from AD-416)
This Cooperative Agreement is for the purpose of carrying out cooperative research and development of control technologies (male annihilation) in an area-wide pest management program against fruit flies in Hawaii. The overall purpose of the project is to integrate technology developed by ARS and others in specific cropping areas of Hawaii to demonstrate that fruit fly control can lead to increased crop productivity, more environmentally acceptable control methods and economic benefit to those using the technology. The specific goals of the cooperative agreement are to integrate the SPLAT technology provided by ISCA Technologies of Riverside, California into the area-wide program which will facilitate a broader acceptance of the IPM technology, foster cooperative partnerships in research and education, and better serve the expanding diversified agricultural base of Hawaii and the Pacific.

1b. Approach (from AD-416)
The work plan identifies the following major areas of study: 1. Research and development of male annihilation treatments that are environmentally sound and effective. 2. Registration with EPA of promising products. 3. Implementation of selected IPM technologies in Hawaii and California. Documents SCA with ISCA Technologies (Pest Management Tools & Solutions).

3. Progress Report
SPLAT (TM) (Specialized Pheromone and Lure Application Technology) is a proprietary base matrix formulation of biologically inert materials used to control the release of semiochemicals and/or odors with or without pesticides. Extensive research on SPLAT using a variety of lures suggests that this matrix emits semiochemicals at effective pest suppression levels for a time interval ranging from 2-16 wk. With a wide range of viscosities and application methods (e.g. applicator sprays, aerial applicator sprays, caulking gun type tubes, etc.), SPLAT increases productivity by mechanizing the application of pheromone dispensing points. The amorphous and flowable quality of this highly adaptable product allows for an easy transition from small-scale manual applications to large scale manual or mechanical applications. SPLAT MAT-ME (methyl eugenol) and C-L (cue-lure) “attract and kill” sprayable formulations containing spinosad were compared to other formulations under Hawaiian weather conditions against B. dorsalis and B. cucurbitae in two separate locations. Based on trap captures, over a 2 month preliminary trial the SPLAT-ME-spinosad and SPLAT-C-L-spinosad formulation were equal to the Min-U-Gel-ME-naled formulation. Based on these trials, a commercial formulation was selected and liter size quantities of the materials were manufactured by ISCA Technologies and shipped to Hawaii to support more detailed studies in Hawaii and California. Studies are currently underway. Dow AgroSciences is currently pursuing registration of SPLAT-MAT-ME with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Progress was monitored through regular meetings with cooperator, teleconference calls, and scientific manuscripts.

4. Accomplishments

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