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Location: Water Management and Conservation Research

Project Number: 5347-13000-015-00-D
Project Type: Appropriated

Start Date: Jan 29, 2007
End Date: Jan 15, 2012

(1) Develop management tools to improve the performance of surface irrigation systems at the field scale; (2) Develop model components that can be used to predict irrigation-induced erosion and constituent transport in surface irrigation at the field scale; (3) Develop management tools to improve the operation of irrigation water delivery systems; (4) Develop a strategy and tools for assessing the performance of surface irrigation systems at the water district or watershed scale.

Improved surface irrigation software, winSRFR, will be developed that includes event simulation, evaluation, design, and operational recommendations. This new software will allow users to more easily provide inputs and conduct analyses. New routines will be developed for determining soil infiltration based on soils and irrigation data. winSRFR will also include modeling of sediment, phosphorus, and non-reactive chemical transport under surface irrigation. New canal automation technology included in Software for Automated Canal Management (SacMan) will be implemented at an irrigation district in Central Arizona to determine its costs and benefits. This will also allow the testing a various control approaches. Additional analyses and interviews will be conducted to determine the utility of these technologies at improving the performance of irrigated agriculture. Formerly 5347-13000-014-00D (12/06).

Last Modified: 2/23/2016
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