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National Program 101: Food Animal Production
Annual Reports
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The USDA-ARS National Program for Food Animal Production (NP 101) had another productive and dynamic year in 2015. 


Food animal products fill a vital role in the diets of people around the world as valuable sources of high quality protein, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.  The dramatic improvements in production efficiencies developed and harvested by ARS scientists help ensure international food security and directly impact human health and obesity by reducing the real cost of nutritionally valuable meat animal products, making animal products more available to those populations most in need.  Ongoing improvements in production efficiencies also continually lessen the environmental impact of meat animal production by reducing grain and forage requirements and lessening the amount of manure produced.  These improvements have dramatically reduced the amount of greenhouse gas emissions produced by livestock and will continue to have impact.


To read the entire NP 101 Annual Report (pdf; 0.1Mb): FY 15 Annual Report



FY 2014 NP 101 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.1Mb): FY 14 Annual Report

FY 2013 NP 101 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.3Mb): FY 13 Annual Report

FY 2012 NP 101 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.2Mb): FY 12 Annual Report

FY 2011 NP 101 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.2Mb): FY 11 Annual Report

FY 2010 NP 101 Accomplishments (pdf; 0.2Mb): FY 10 Annual Report





Last Modified: 6/24/2016
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