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Research Project: Systematics of Flies of Importance in Agroecosystems and the Environment

Location: Systematic Entomology Laboratory

2016 Annual Report

4. Accomplishments
1. Developed new tools for unambiguous determination of pest fruit flies. New data were published that significantly improve identification capabilities for the largest and most economically important group of fruit flies in the Neotropics. New molecular markers were discovered to distinguish cryptic species in the South American fruit fly complex, which includes the most important pest fruit flies in Latin America. Twenty-eight species previously unknown to science, including species that attack guava and annonas, were named, described, and illustrated, and these species and additional character data were included in further development of an electronic identification tool for the nearly 300 species of this group. A molecular analysis of the evolutionary relationships within Anastrepha was completed. This work will be useful to scientists and regulatory agencies involved in management and control of pest fruit flies.

Review Publications
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