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United States Department of Agriculture

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Title: Biological Control for a Variety of Food Sources
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Pacific West Area
  Albany, California

Patent Number: 7579183
Docket Number: 2504
Serial Number: 11607713
Date Patented: 08/25/2009

Technology Description: 


Agricultural Research Service (ARS) scientists in California discovered yeast that prevents the growth of harmful fungi and bacteria in a variety of food sources such as grapes, stone fruit, citrus fruit, berries, vegetables, nuts, flower bulbs, herbs, grains, roots, leaves, and grains.  It is applied to an agricultural commodity as an aerosol powder, ointment, spray, or a drench either pre- or post-harvest.  The technology is environmentally friendly with no toxic compounds released, and there is flexibility in the application. 


Any agricultural commodity that is affected by fungi or bacterial contamination would benefit from this technology.  Agricultural growers and processors would use this by adding the yeast to water or in formulations, and applying it to affected crops. 



Please refer to S.N. 11/607,713 (Docket #0025.04), “Saprophytic Yeast, Pichia anomala,” which was filed on December 1, 2006.  Foreign patent rights are not available.




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