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Title: New Method for Controlling Avian Coccidiosis
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Patent Number: 7438915
Docket Number: 16103
Serial Number: 11203587
Date Patented: 10/21/2008

Technology Description:


ARS researchers have developed a method for controlling avian coccidiosis, a major poultry disease caused by several species of the intestinal parasite Eimeria.  ARS’s method is a pretreatment regimen that could be administered either orally to poultry or injected into embryonated eggs.  Coccidiosis is a leading poultry disease that costs the poultry industry more than $3 billion worldwide in total annual economic losses from treatment expenses, bird losses, and low bird weight (critical for marketing broilers).  Current disease control strategies include drug-treatment regimens--however, the parasite is developing resistance to these treatments.  The industry needs a combination of preventative and control strategies to help control poultry coccidiosis.  Limited access to efficient vaccines, consumer concerns, and regulatory issues has given way to drug-free approaches lto controling the disease.  ARS’s invention incorporates a natural product.  ARS researchers have demonstrated the proof-of-concept of this technology and are seeking a commercial partner to expand the concept to other intestinal poultry diseases including coccidiosis.  Researchers in the ARS Animal Parasitic Diseases Laboratory need a cooperative partner to conduct basic and applied research studies to help move the technology to the field.  Poultry farmers and ultimately consumers will benefit from the development of this technology.


ARS is seeking a cooperative business and research partner in the pharmaceutical industry to help further develop a vaccine treatment for coccidiosis in poultry.




Please refer to S.N. 11/203,587 (Docket #0161.03), “Immunopotentiating Effect of a Fomitella fraxinea – Derived Lectin on Chicken Immunity and Resistance of Coccidiosis,” which was filed on August 10, 2005.  Foreign rights are not available.




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