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Title: New Method to Aid in Producing Biodiesel Fuel
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Patent Number: 6855838
Docket Number: 302
Serial Number: 10337604
Date Patented: 02/15/2005

Technology Description:

Agricultural Research Service scientists have developed a cost-effective method to produce biodiesel, a renewable fuel for diesel engines, which is made from fats and oils. The purpose of this technology is to facilitate the production of free fatty acid and fatty acid ester preparations from inexpensive feedstocks (soapstock). Soapstock is an item of commerce and a coproduct of refined edible oils. No prior technology has allowed the cost-effective production of biodiesel from soapstock. This method involves using simple equipment, which is already being used by industry. It is based on technologies familiar to those associated with soapstock processing, and operates at atmospheric temperatures and pressures.

Biodiesel production using this method has not yet begun; however, it has been implemented industrially for the large scale production of a high free fatty acid product.

Biodiesel producers, and those producing or processing soapstock, will find this invention useful for the production of biodiesel or of preparation containing very high levels of free fatty acids.


Please refer to USPN 6,855,838 (Docket #0003.02), ?Lipid Rich Compositions, Production of Lipid Rich Compositions, Production of Fatty Acid Alkyl Esters from Heterogeneous Lipid Mixtures,? which issued on February 15, 2005. Foreign rights are not available.


Michael J. Haas
Fats, Oils and Animal Coproducts Research
Wyndmoor, PA 19038-8598
(215) 233-6459 / Fax: (215) 233-6795
Karen M. Scott 
(Same as first inventor)
(215) 233-6518 / Fax: (215) 233-6795
Paul J. Michalski
248 Winchester Drive
Horsham, PA 19044
(215) 233-6585
Stan Runyon 
Runyon Industries
4300 Millington Road
Memphis, TN 38127
(901) 353-4484 / Fax: (901) 357-4174









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