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Title: Genetic Method for Developing Sterile Insects
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Southeast Area
  Gainesville, Florida

Patent Number: 7005296
Docket Number: 12002
Serial Number: 10101840
Date Patented: 02/28/2006

Technology Description:

The invention relates to a transformation system. It includes a vector containing a modified piggyBac transposon into which is inserted an enhanced green fluorescent protein gene linked to a polyubiquitin promoter sequence and a nuclear localizing sequence. It also includes a helper transposase vector containing a promoter which increases transformation frequency. The invention specifically relates to genetic modification of insects to control populations of agriculturally pestiferous or beneficial insects. The ability to control pest insects through genetically based sterile insect programs or genetically introduced targeted conditional susceptibilities will result in significant cost savings to agribusiness. This technology can also be used for detection and monitoring of insect populations and infestations where piggyBac transgenic insects are present in the population.

Companies involved in molecular biology and genetic engineering of insects would benefit from the technology.  Biotechnology companies would also benefit from the invention.  


Please refer to USPN 7,005,296 (Docket #0120.02), "PiggyBac Transformation System," issued on February 28, 2006, and is a CIP of USPN 6,773,914 (Docket #0194.98), issued August 10, 2004.  Foreign rights are available for both Docket #0120.02 and Docket #0194.98.   


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