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Title: New Techniques for Making Partially-Dried Fruit and Vegetable Products
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Patent Number: 6623779
Docket Number: 3900
Serial Number: 9774810
Date Patented: 09/23/2003

Technology Description:

This invention is a method for making partially dried fruit and vegetable products. The products contain pieces of partially dried fruits and/or vegetables within a fruit or vegetable mixture, which has a gelatin-like consistency. These products can be made into various shapes with a forming device, such as a sausage stuffer, and wrapped within a sausage casing. Depending on the intended market use, the products may be packaged in a variety of casings, including edible casings. The casings themselves can be made from fruits and/or vegetables, offering more nutritional qualities to the end product. These fruit or vegetable products may be distributed as frozen or refrigerated items, or the moisture level can be modified to make them shelf-stable. They can be made from one type of fruit or vegetable or combined into different mixtures. This method is relatively low in cost compared to other methods for making restructured fruits or vegetables. Casing materials are usually less expensive when compared to other food packaging. This versatile product, can be sliced to precise sizes for portion control in special feeding programs. It offers an alternative form for consuming fruits and vegetables. It can be used in desserts, condiments, snacks, side dishes, and entrees. These fruit and vegetable products are well suited for institutional, food service, and delicatessen use.


Please refer to USPN 6,623,779, "Intermediate-moisture Formed Food Products Made from Partially Dehydrated Fruit and/or Novel Methods of Packing Thereof," which issued on September 23, 2003.  Foreign rights are available.


Tara H. McHugh
Western Regional Research Center
Process Chemistry & Engineering
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Albany, CA 94710
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Charles C. Huxsoll (retired)

Donald A. Olson
(Same as first inventor)
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