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Title: Method to Detect Antibiotic Residue in Poultry
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Patent Number: 6465194
Docket Number: 28599
Serial Number: 9726186
Date Patented: 10/15/2002

Method to Detect Antibiotic Residue in Poultry

Technology Description:

ARS researchers have developed monoclonal antibodies that can detect Nicarbazin, a poultry feed additive used to control coccidiosis in broiler chicks. The invention is from an isolated hybridoma cell line that produces antibodies that recognize Nicarbazine. These antibodies could be incorporated into an ELISA kit for use in the laboratory. U.S. poultry producers spend an estimated $600 million on treating coccidiosis in poultry. Nicarbazin is usually administered in high doses to prevent the disease, sometimes resulting in residues in meat products. This invention could provide a way to check for appropriate levels of Nicarbazin in animal feed, thus ensuring the poultry receives the necessary dose to prevent coccidiosis, but not more. Developing this into a commercial test kit should also help regulatory agencies ensure that producers have complied with federal regulations preventing residues in meats

Companies that develop and manufacture ELISA and other diagnostic test kits could develop this invention into a commercial product. No foreign rights are available.


Please refer to Patent Number 6,465,194 (Docket #0285.99), "Monoclonal Antibodies to 4,4'-Dinitrocarbanilide and a Method for Analyzing for the Drug Nicarbazin," which issued October 15, 2002.


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