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Title: PiggyBac Transposon-Based Genetic Transformation System for Insects
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Southeast Area
  Gainesville, Florida

Patent Number: 6551825
Docket Number: 17000
Serial Number: 9598421
Date Patented: 04/22/2003

Agricultural Research Service

Date Filed:
June 19, 2000

The invention is directed to nucleic acid and amino acid sequences for transformation constructs containing piggyBac transposable elements. These constructs allow for the precise excision and insertion of heterologous DNA into a host cell. The invention could be used to genetically modify organisms such as; for example, insect pests by rendering these pests sterile or susceptible to certain controls or beneficial insects to make them pesticide resistant.

Paul D. Shirk
Center for Medical and Agricultural Veterinary Entomology
Gainesville, FL 32608-1069
(352) 374-5720
Malcolm J. Fraser, Jr.
Department of Biological Science
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556
Omaththage Perera
University of Florida
Gainesville, FL 32608
Teresa A. Elick-Beam
Department of Biology
University of St. Francis
Fort Wayne, IN 46808

Industry Keywords:
insect control, nucleic acids, genes, DNA/RNA, organisms, genetic engineering, biological control, sterile, environment, insecticide, integrated pest management, transposable elements, piggyBac

*CIP Patent Application 08/844,274, filed April 28, 1997.
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