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Title: New Technology to Store Pig Embryos Indefinitely
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Patent Number: 6503698
Docket Number: 29199
Serial Number: 9594704
Date Patented: 01/07/2003

Technology Description:


The invention relates to a method for the cryopreservation of swine embryos having an intact zona pellucida at the morula/blastocyst stage by vitrification or freezing.  The process allows effective, long-term storage of embryos for subsequent transfer to recipient females.  Banking germplasm from animals having unique genetic, production and disease resistance traits would assist the acquisition, identification and characterization of potentially useful germplasm, ensure genetic variation by the preservation of selected stocks, and facilitate utilization of germplasm in research and industry.  An effective cryopreservation method will have a significant impact on the ability to store pig embryos indefinitely, and the ability to cryopreserve embryos having an intact zona pellucida will permit the international shipment of these embryos for the first time.




Please refer to USPN 6,503,698 (Docket #0291.99), “Cryopreservation of Swine Embryos,” which issued on January 7, 2003.  Foreign rights are available.




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