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Title: New Method for Identifying Campylobacter Species
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Southeast Area
  Athens, Georgia

Patent Number: 6368847
Docket Number: 4299
Serial Number: 9583529
Date Patented: 04/09/2002

Technology Description:

The invention relates to media and methods for the recovery and enumeration of Campylobacter species which contains an indicator, 2, 3, 5-triphenyltetrazolium chloride and a selective agent composition. Campylobacter species have been recognized as important causative agents of food borne illness and has received recent increased attention from industry, consumers, and regulatory agencies. The invention constitutes the formulation of selective media for the isolation and enumeration of Campylobacter spp. Examples of the selective media include two new agars (Campy-TTC agar and Blood-free Campy-TTC agar), which provide selectivity for campylobacters while increasing contrast of the colonies with the media to simplify counting procedures. The use of either the Campy-TTC agar or Blood-free-Campy-TTC agar would be beneficial to technicians in enumerating and confirming Campylobacter colonies because of the increased selectivity of the agar. Automated counting methods may also be made possible using the novel media, since the darker colonies contrast sufficiently with the media to allow detection by electronic means. The Blood-free formulation will be especially valuable for use in parts of the world where there are cultural restrictions against working with blood. These new media represent a significant advance over existing technology, and would greatly simplify Campylobacter enumeration procedures. Biotechnology companies developing treatments and methods for reducing or preventing pathogens in foods could use this technology. This can also be used by diagnostic labs for determining the Campylobacters in human specimens.


Please refer to Patent Number 6,368,847, "Selective Media for Recovery and Enumeration of Campylobacters," which issued on April 9, 2002.


John Eric Line
Poultry Microbiological Safety Research
Athens, GA 30605-2720
(706) 546-3522 / Fax: (706) 546-3772

Johnna K. Garrish
(Same as first inventor)
(706) 546-3596 / Fax: (706) 546-3772

Kirsten Elizabeth Glassmoyer
(Same as first inventor)



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