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Title: Glutenin Genes and Their Uses
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Patent Number: 5985351
Docket Number: 12599
Serial Number: 9265442
Date Patented: 11/16/1999

Glutenin Genes and Their Uses

Technology Description:

The invention is directed to methods of improving flour by altering glutenin content in seeds of wheat and non-wheat plants. Wheat is one of the most important crops in the world due to its ability to be grown in a wide range of local conditions, and to the unique properties of wheat flours and doughs. Wheat flours and doughs allow processing into a wide range of food products including various types of breads, pasta and noodles, cakes and biscuits. The invention relates to methods of introducing a recombinant construct comprising a glutenin gene into a parental plant. In particular, it relates to nucleic acids and methods for altering glutenin content of plants. The invention should enable the baking industry to develop a variety of higher-value end products.


Please refer to Patent Number 5,985,351, "Glutenin Genes and Their Uses," which issued on November 16, 1999, and is a division of S.N. 08/897,659, which was filed on July 21, 1997, now U.S. Patent Number 5,914,450, which issued on June 22, 1999, and is a CIP of S.N. 08/785,716, which was filed on January 16, 1997.


Ann E. Blechl
Crop Improvement/Utilization Research
Albany, CA  94710
(510) 559-5716 / Fax: (510) 559-5777
Olin D. Anderson
(Same as first inventor)
(510) 559-5773
Kimberly A. Torbert
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN  55108

Howard W. Rines
Plant Science Research
Saint Paul, MN 55108-6026
(612) 625-5220 / Fax: (612) 649-5058

David A. Somers
University of Minnesota
St. Paul, MN 55108






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