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Title: Antibodies for the Detection of Prion Protein as an Indication of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies
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Patent Number: 6165784
Docket Number: 6797
Serial Number: 8950271
Date Patented: 12/26/2000

Technology Description:

The invention involves a non-invasive method of detecting a specific protein that indicates the presence of transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE) in ruminant animals. The invention uses monoclonal antibodies that bind to a prion protein in animal tissue from sheep, cattle, mule, deer and elk. The invention comprises a non-invasive diagnostic assay using third eyelid lymphoid tissue to detect prion protein in sheep. The invention is a specific, reliable and flexible tool to accurately diagnose TSE. This method is a practical and inexpensive way to test for presence of this potentially fatal neurological disease.

The technology is applicable to the livestock industry.  Scientists, regulatory agencies, state veterinary schools that perform research, diagnosis, and surveillance for TSE's in ruminant animals would also benefit from the technology.


Please refer to USPN 6,165,784 (Docket #0067.97), "Antibodies for the Detection of Prion Protein as an Indication of Transmissible Spongform Encephalopathies," which issued on December 26, 2000, and is a divisional of USPN 6,514,707, which issued on February 4, 2003.

Foreign rights are available.


Katherine I. O’Rourke 
Animal Disease Research Unit  
Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-6029 / Fax: (509) 335-8328
 Donald P. Knowles
(Same as first inventor)

Venancio B. Tabura, Jr.
Washington State University  
Pullman, WA 99164
(509) 335-6047
Steven Parish
Washington State University
Pullman, WA 99164








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