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Title: Altering Wheat Dough Viscoelasticity with Modified Glutenins
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Patent Number: 6174725
Docket Number: 23595
Serial Number: 8706391
Date Patented: 01/16/2001

Technology Description:

The invention involves the production of high-molecular weight (MHW) gluten toproduce dough with viscoelastic properties suitable for bread and noodle making. A syntheticHMW-glutenin gene construct is genetically engineered and can be added to wheat normallyunsuitable for baking or noodle making, to change the elastic properties of the flour. The synthetic gene is designed for easy future modifications for specific end-uses of the flour.


Please refer to USPN 6,174,725 (Docket #0235.95), "Altering Wheat Dough Viscoelasticity with Modified Glutenins," which issued on January 16, 2001.  Foreign rights are available. 


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