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Title: Leader-Proteinase Deleted Foot-and-Mouth Disease Viruses and Their Use as Vaccines
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Patent Number: 5824316
Docket Number: 795
Serial Number: 8653037
Date Patented: 10/20/1998

Technology Description:

The invention is a genetically engineered virus that can be formulated into an effective vaccine for preventing foot-and-mouth disease in cattle and swine. The DNA sequence containing the genetic information for a virus protein is removed, allowing the scientist to produce a weakened version of the virus that can be used as a vaccine. This method produces a deleted virus which is able to assemble and grow in cells in culture.

The genetically engineered foot-and-mouth disease virus induces an FMDV-specific antibody response in inoculated animals that protects them against disease. The invention can be used to combat foot-and-mouth disease which causes painful blisters on the tongue, nose or snout, and feet of livestock, which results in severe economic losses.


Please refer to USPN 5,824,316 (Docket #0007.95), which issued on October 20, 1998.  Foreign rights are not available.



Marvin J. Grubman
Foot and Mouth Disease Research
Greenport, NY 11944-0848
(631) 323-3329 / Fax: (631) 323-2798
Peter W. Mason
(Same as first inventor)
(631) 323-3177 / Fax: (631) 323-2798
Maria Elisa Piccone
(Formerly with ARS)
Elizabeth Rieder
(Formerly with ARS)

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