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Title: New Apricot Variety
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Patent Number: 9890
Docket Number: 9695
Serial Number: 8502516
Date Patented: 05/13/1997

New Apricot Variety

Technology Description:

The invention relates to the discovery and asexual propagation of apricot Prunus armeniaca L. cv. ‘Robada’. The new variety is a fresh market apricot for use in local markets, as well as for long distance shipping.  It was produced from a cross between the apricot variety ‘Orangered’ (seed parent) and apricot selection K113-40 (pollen parent).

The apricot ripens mid-season, typically toward the end of May in the central San Joaquin Valley of California.  Flowers have been shown to be genetically self-compatible, although higher yields may be achieved by including suitable pollenizer trees throughout the orchard. Apricot varieties "Patterson" and "Castlebrite" can be used as pollenizers.  Fruit are generally large with a deep orange flesh. Fruit directly exposed to the sun will develop strong red skin color. Fruit cheeks are compressed slightly, and the stone does not cling to the flesh.

Robada is suitable for orchards in regions where apricots have been cultivated historically. Robada trees are typically vigorous. This variety may be propagated on seedling peach or clonal plum rootstock. No graft incompatibilities have been noted to date. To date, there have been only a limited number of apricot varieties available for commercial orchards.

The technology is applicable to the fruit tree nursery industry. Fruit tree nurseries that propagate apricot trees for commercial sale would benefit from this new variety by offering their clients more varietal choices.


Please refer to Plant Patent Number 9,890, "Apricot CV. Robada," which issued
May 13, 1997. This technology is available for non-exclusive licensing.


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