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Title: Synthesized Sugar Esters for the Control of Soft-Bodied Insects Including the Sweet Potato Whitefly
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Patent Number: 6608039
Docket Number: 894
Serial Number: 8272477
Date Patented: 08/19/2003

Agricultural Research Service
Date Filed:
July 11, 1994

The invention is an environmentally-friendly way to control insect pests. The invention involves a process for the synthesis and application of sugar esters. The technology is a way to reduce the use of petrochemical pesticides for the control of soft-bodied arthropod pests. It is specifically effective against the sweet potato whitefly, greenhouse whitefly, tobacco aphids, and mites. The invention can be applied to target pests by growers using a liquid spray.

Orestes T. Chortyk
Natural Products Utilization Research
Athens, GA 30604-5677
(706) 546-3424 / (706) 546-3454 (fax)

Industry Keywords:

chemical manufacturers, pest control, environment, biotechnology, agri-chemical

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