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Title: Enhanced Insect Resistance in Plants Genetically Engineered with a Plant Hormone Gene Involved in Cytokinin Biosynthesis
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Patent Number: 5496732
Docket Number: 17592
Serial Number: 8054985
Date Patented: 03/05/1996

Technology Description:

The invention involves the development of a transgenic plant that shows enhanced resistance to insect infestation. This protection is achieved by introducing a chimeric gene comprising a wound inducible promoter and a gene encoding the first enzyme in the biosynthetic pathway, isopentenyl transferase (ipt). The novel construct is useful for providing enhanced insect resistance to a wide variety of plants. Agricultural crop plants are of particular importance because of their susceptibility to insect infestation and the need to reduce chemical insecticides. Fruit trees such as peach or plum, as well as ornamental plants susceptible to insects also could benefit from the technology.


Please refer to USPN 5,496,732, which issued on March 5, 1996.

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