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Outreach Activities
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outreachOur outreach activities encompass broad interactions with the general public as well as specific groups.


  • Career Outreach- We provide future scientists and their teachers with career information and exposure to the world of science.


  • Congressional Outreach- We provide a focal point for the exchange of information with Congress.


  • Global Outreach in Science- We carry out our scientific mission within a global context through an International Research Program.
ARS offices, employees and locations around the country also reach out to students, educators, and the general public, including underserved groups, to help them learn more about agricultural research and how it affects their lives every day. Activities include:
  • Exhibiting at conferences, state fairs, farm shows, and public field days
  • Participating in career fairs
  • Participating in local adopt-a-school programs
  • Sponsoring onsite student seminars and teacher workshops
  • Providing worksite tours and school field trips
  • Judging at science fairs and speaking at school functions and public events
  • Participating in tutoring, mentoring and shadow programs
  • Providing materials for teacher training and ag education events
  • Working with other agencies and organizations on events and programs to improve agricultural literacy

To find an ARS lab in your area, check the map. You can also contact Outreach@ARSfor assistance and information.