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Analysis Tools - Alternative Systems
item Environmental & cost tradeoffs of producing energy from soybeans for on-farm use (Nov 2019)
item Environmental fate and impact assessment of thiobencarb application in California rice fields using RICEWQ (Feb 2019)
item Mulch derived organic carbon stimulates high denitrification fluxes from agricultural ditch sediments (Feb 2019)
item Biogeochemical recuperation is consistent during succession across secondary lowland tropical forest (Feb 2019)
item Numerical modeling of flow and sediment in Pelahatchie Bay and its upland watershed (Jan 2019)
item Nitrogen component in nonpoint source pollution models (Nov 2018)
item Expanding wetland mitigation: Can rice fields remediate pesticides in agricultural runoff? (Sep 2018)
item Tiered approaches in analyzing rice field pesticide fate and transport for ecological risk assessment (Jul 2018)
item Removal of non-point source pollutants from domestic sewage and agricultural runoff by eco/vegetated drainage ditches (VDDs): Design, mechanism, management strategies, and future directions (May 2018)
item Reduction of solids and nutrient loss from agricultural land by tailwater recovery systems (May 2018)
item Assessment of runoff water quality for an integrated best-management practice system in an agricultural watershed (May 2018)
item Spatial, temporal, and experimental: three study-design cornerstones for establishing defensible numeric criteria for freshwater ecosystems (Apr 2018)
item Leaf composition of American bur-reed (Sparganium americanum Nutt.) to determine pesticide mitigation capability (Feb 2018)
item Characterizing ponds in watershed simulations and evaluating their influence on streamflowin a Mississippi Watershed (Jan 2018)
item Can rice (Oryza Sativa) mitigate pesticides and nutrients in agricultural runoff (Jan 2018)
item Air–water CO2 and CH4 fluxes along a river–reservoir continuum: Case study in the Pengxi River, a tributary of the Yangtze River in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China (Apr 2017)
item Experimental effects of grazers on autotrophic species assemblages across a nitrate gradient in Florida springs (Mar 2017)