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Analysis Tools - Alternative Systems
item Book review of biochar application: Essential soil microbiology (Sep 2017)
item Assessing the impacts of climate change on discharge and nutrient losses from a karstic agricultural sub-basin in the Upper Chesapeake Bay watershed (Jun 2017)
item Influence of growth promoting technologies on animal performance,production economics, environmental impacts and carcass characteristics of beef (Jun 2017)
item Identifying consumer preference for beef produced with different levels of growth promotant technology (Jun 2017)
item Potassium starvation limits soybean growth more than the photosynthetic processes across CO2 levels (Jun 2017)
item USDA Northeast climate hub greenhouse gas mitigation workshop technical report (Jun 2017)
item Managing the plant microbiome for biocontrol fungi: Examples from Hypocreales (Jun 2017)
item Process-based modelling of the nutritive value of forages: a review (May 2017)
item Air–water CO2 and CH4 fluxes along a river–reservoir continuum: Case study in the Pengxi River, a tributary of the Yangtze River in the Three Gorges Reservoir, China (Apr 2017)
item Environmental sustainability of beef (Apr 2017)
item Meteorological fluctuations define long-term crop yield patterns in conventional and organic production systems (Apr 2017)
item Management Characteristics of Grass-finished Beef Operations in the Northeast (Mar 2017)
item Experimental effects of grazers on autotrophic species assemblages across a nitrate gradient in Florida springs (Mar 2017)
item High-residue cultivation timing impact on organic no-till soybean weed management (Mar 2017)
item Varying response of the concentration and content of soybean seed mineral elements, carbohydrates, organic acids, amino acids, protein, and oil to phosphorus starvation and CO2 enrichment (Dec 2016)
item A process-based emission model for volatile organic compounds from silage sources on farms (Dec 2016)
item A novel approach to estimating nitrous oxide emissions during wetting events from single-timepoint flux measurements (Dec 2016)
item Integrated Farm System Model Version 4.3 and Dairy Gas Emissions Model Version 3.3 Software development and distribution (Nov 2016)
item Scientific and technical advisory committee review of the nutrient inputs to the watershed model (Oct 2016)
item Influence of soil structure on contaminant leaching from injected slurry (Oct 2016)
item Simulating economics and environmental impacts of beef and soybean systems in Brazil's Pamas and Amozon Biomes (Oct 2016)
item Climate, water management, and land use: Estimating potential potato and corn production in the U.S. northeastern seaboard region (Oct 2016)
item Relationship between photosynthetic pigments and chlorophyll fluorescence in soybean under varying phosphorus nutrition at ambient and elevated CO2 (Sep 2016)
item A potato model intercomparison across varying climates and productivity levels (Aug 2016)
item Effects of growth temperature and carbon dioxide enrichment on soybean seed components at different stages of development (Jul 2016)
item Mitigation technologies to control high-temperature stress in crop plants (Jul 2016)
item Organic supplemental nitrogen sources for field corn production after a hairy vetch cover crop (Jul 2016)
item Factors associated with Leguminous Green Manure Incorporation and Fusarium wilt suppression in watermelon (May 2016)
item Cell wall compositional changes during incubation of plant roots measured by mid-infrared diffuse reflectance spectroscopy and fiber analysis (Feb 2016)
item Impact of NPK treatments on sweet sorghum (Sorghum bicolor (L)) yields for biofuel feedstock in Piedmont Region of North Carolina (Feb 2016)
item Cover crop and poultry litter management influence spatiotemporal availability of topsoil nitrogen (Dec 2015)
item Legume proportions, poultry litter, and tillage effects on cover crop decomposition (Oct 2015)
item Chemical evaluation of soil organic matter structure in diverse cropping systems (Aug 2015)
item Microbial rRNA: rDNA gene ratios may be unexpectedly low due to extracellular DNA preservation in soils (Jun 2015)
item Expanding the role of botanical gardens in the future of food (Jun 2015)
item Novel slow release nanocomposite nitrogen fertilizers: the impact of polymers on nanocomposite properties and function (Mar 2015)
item Influence of residue and nitrogen fertilizer additions on carbon mineralization in soils with different texture and cropping histories (Jul 2014)
item Cultural strategies for managing weeds and soil moisture in cover crop based no-till soybean production (Jun 2014)
item Grazing winter rye cover crop in a cotton no-till system: yield and economics (Mar 2014)
item Roadmap to increased cover crop adoption (Nov 2013)
item Rolled cover crop mulches for organic corn and soybean production (Nov 2013)
Last Modified: 10/16/2017
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