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Information Processing Technologies
item Vegetation water content of crops and woodlands for improving soil moisture retrievals from Coriolis WindSat (Aug 2017)
item Evaluation of reference crop evapotranspiration methods in arid, semi-arid and humid regions (Jun 2017)
item Organic amendments and nutrient leaching in soil columns (Jun 2017)
item Estimating the ratio of pond size to irrigated soybeans land in Mississippi: A case study (May 2017)
item Identify temporal trend of air temperature and its impact on forest stream flow in Lower Mississippi River Alluvial Valley using wavelet analysis (May 2017)
item Detection of Colorado potato beetle damage using remote sensing from small unmanned aircraft systems (May 2017)
item Broiler litter x industrial by-products reduce nutrients and microbial losses in surface runoff when applied to forages (Mar 2017)
item Salmonella enterica Serovar Kentucky Flagella are Required for Broiler Skin Adhesion and Caco-2 Cell Invasion (Jan 2017)
item Simulated yield potential by irrigation and yield gap of rainfed soybean using APEX model in a humid region (Nov 2016)
item Short-term and seasonal soil nitrogen dynamics and recovery by bermudagrass irrigated with 15N labeled swine lagoon effluent (Sep 2016)
item Effects of tillage and broiler litter on crop productions in an eroded soil (Aug 2016)
item Residual effect of poultry litter applications on no-till cotton lint yield (Jul 2016)
item Trend analysis and forecast of precipitation, reference evapotranspiration and rainfall deficit in the Blackland Prairie of eastern Mississippi (Jul 2016)
item Subsurface banding, placement of pelletized poultry litter in cotton (Jun 2016)
item Wind erosion of cropland in the northwestern Tarim Basin (Apr 2016)
item Soil infiltration characteristics in the Tarim River floodplain (Apr 2016)
item Improving estimates of N and P loads in irrigation water from swine manure lagoons (Mar 2016)
item Digital elevation modeling via curvature interpolation for lidar data (Mar 2016)
item Simulating the fate of fall- and spring-applied poultry litter nitrogen in corn production (Dec 2015)
item Impacts of rainfall and air temperature variations due to climate change upon hydrological characteristics: a case study (Aug 2015)
item Trace elements and heavy metals in the Grand Bay National Estuarine Reserve in the northern Gulf of Mexico (Aug 2015)
item A farm pond water irrigation management system in Mid-South United States (Jul 2015)
item Broiler house litter sampling: the final frontier (Jul 2015)
item Evaluating the impact of groundwater on cotton growth and root zone water balance using Hydrus-ID coupled with a crop growth model (Jul 2015)
item Characteristics of water erosion and conservation practice in arid regions of Central Asia: Xinjiang Province, China as an example (Jun 2015)
item Pathogen re-colonization of in-house composted and non-composted broiler litter (Jun 2015)
item Animal waste and FGD gypsum effects on bermudagrass and soil leachate nutrient contents (Jun 2015)
item Using broiler and swine manure lagoon effluent in sawdust-based swine mortality composts: effects of nutrients, bacteria, and gaseous emissions (Jun 2015)
item Effects of climate variability on bacterial pathogen decay in spinach bed macrocosms (May 2015)
item Evaluating the effects of mulch and irrigation amount on soil water distribution and root zone water balance using HYDRUS-2D (May 2015)
item Analysis and prediction of water deficit and irrigation requirement for soybean, corn and cotton in the state of Mississippi (Apr 2015)
item The effect of broiler litter, swine effluent, and municipal biosolids land application on small plot pathogen, antibiotic resistance, and nutrient levels (Mar 2015)
item Bayesian inference of the groundwater depth threshold in a vegetation dynamic model: a case study, lower reach, Tarim River (Mar 2015)
item An eco-hydrological approach to predicting regional vegetation and groundwater response to ecological water convergence in dryland riparian ecosystems (Mar 2015)
item Composting and gypsum amendment of broiler litter to reduce nutrient leaching loss (Mar 2015)
item A brief overview of current relationships of geography, statistics, and taxonomy with the classical integrated control concept (Mar 2015)
item Enhancing management of fall-applied poultry litter with cover crop and subsurface band placement in no-till cotton (Feb 2015)
item Soybean response to poultry litter in a rotation (Jan 2015)
item Simulating phosphorus removal from a vertical-flow constructed wetland grown with C. alternifolius species (Jan 2015)
item Aerodynamic properties of agricultural and natural surfaces in northwestern Tarim Basin (Jan 2015)
item Soil wind erodibility based on dry aggregate-size distribution in the Tarim Basin (Nov 2014)
item Precision litter application practices for cotton production and soil properties (Nov 2014)
item Soil with a short history of poultry litter fertilization remains superior to normally fertilized soil for cotton (Nov 2014)
item Herbage nutritive value of tall fescue-bermudagrass binary mixtures fertilized with combinations of nitrogen fertilizer and poultry litter (Nov 2014)
item Development of irrigation management practices for optimum yield and water use efficiency of soybean in east central Mississippi (Nov 2014)
item Evaluation of RZWQ2 model and management of poultry litter as corn nitrogen source in the mid-southern United States (Nov 2014)
item Performance of the SWEEP model affected by estimates of threshold friction velocity (Nov 2014)
item Validation of SWEEP for contrasting agricultural land use types in the Tarim Basin (Sep 2014)
item Tillage and straw management affect PM10 emission potential in subarctic Alaska (Jul 2014)
item Soil test and bermudagrass forage yield responses to animal waste and FGD gypsum ammendments (May 2014)
item Fertilizer intensification and its impacts in China's HHH Plains (May 2014)
item Growth of bermudagrass with white clover or nitrogen fertilizer (Nov 2013)