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Animal Waste Management
item The global distribution, host range and prevalence of Trypanosoma evansi causing surra: A systematic review and meta-analysis (Dec 2017)
item Tylosin sorption to diatomaceous earth described by Langmuir isotherm and Freundlich isotherm models (Nov 2017)
item Predicted harvest time effects on switchgrass moisture content, nutrient concentration, yield, and profitability (Nov 2017)
item There's a downside to delayed wrapping (Nov 2017)
item Oxidation resistance of biochars as a function of feedstock and pyrolysis condition (Nov 2017)
item Effect of winter cover crop grazing on animal performance and antibiotic resistance during pre-weaning period in beef cattle (Oct 2017)
item Conservation agriculture improves yield and reduces weeding activity in sandy soils of Cambodia (Oct 2017)
item Switchgrass cultivar, yield, and nutrient removal responses to harvest timing (Oct 2017)
item Hydrothermal carbonization of food waste for nutrient recovery and resuse (Sep 2017)
item Using enteric pathogens to assess sources of fecal contamination in the silurian dolomite aquifer: preliminary results (Sep 2017)
item Improved chamber systems for rapid, real-time nitrous oxide emissions from manure and soil (Aug 2017)
item Effect of cessation of beef cattle pasture-feedlot type backgrounding operation on the persistence of antibiotic resistance genes in the environment (Aug 2017)
item Improved water quality and reduction of odorous compounds in anaerobic lagoon columns receiving pre-treated pig wastewater (Aug 2017)
item Antibiotic resistance genes and residual antimicrobials in cattle feedlot surface soil (Aug 2017)
item Effects of feeding alfalfa stemlage or wheat straw for dietary energy dilution on nutrient intake and digestibility, growth performance and feeding behavior of holstein dairy heifers (Aug 2017)
item Farm-scale testing of soybean peroxidase and calcium peroxide for surficial swine manure treatment and mitigation of odorous VOCs, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide (Aug 2017)
item Effect of delayed wrapping and wrapping source on nitrogen balance and blood urea nitrogen in gestating sheep offered alfalfa silage (Aug 2017)
item Microbial community structure is affected by cropping sequences and poultry litter under long-term no-tillage (Jul 2017)
item Odorous volatile organic compounds, Escherichia coli, and nutrient concentrations when kiln-dried pine chips and corn stover bedding are used in beef bedded manure packs (Jul 2017)
item Renewable biocatalyst for swine manure treatment and mitigation of odorous VOCs, ammonia and hydrogen sulfide emissions: Review (Jul 2017)
item Pilot-scale concept of real-time wind speed-matching wind tunnel for measurements of gaseous emissions (Jul 2017)
item Nutrient content of wheat and corn in response to the application of urea and the urease inhibitor NPBT (Jul 2017)
item Manure total nitrogen flux from condensed tannin fed beef cattle (Jul 2017)
item Evaluation of a single-stage carbon oxidation-nitrification process for treating high TAN effluent from anaerobic digestion of poultry rendering wastewater (Jul 2017)
item Temporal nitrous oxide emissions from beef cattle feedlot manure following a simulated rainfall event (Jul 2017)
item Estimating the energetic cost of feeding excess dietary nitrogen to dairy cows (Jul 2017)
item Data analysis protocol for using resistivity array as an early-warning wastewater pond leak detector (Jul 2017)
item Effect of calcium hydroxide application to feedlot pen surface material on ammonia, odor, and greenhouse gas emissions (Jul 2017)
item Transport of a conservative and "smart" tracers' in a first-order creek: role of transient storage type (Jul 2017)
item Properties of animal-manure based hydrochars and predictions using published models (Jun 2017)
item Conservation agriculture in high tunnels: soil health and profit enhancement (Jun 2017)
item Assessing regional differences in nitrogen losses from U.S. dairy farms using the integrated farm systems model (Jun 2017)
item Evaluation of yield and quality of photoperiod sensitive sorghum and sorghum sudangrass (Jun 2017)
item Effect of limit feeding and genomic residual feed intake on bred dairy heifer performance (Jun 2017)
item Nitrogen fertilization effects on sorghum forage yield and quality (Jun 2017)
item Effects of nitrogen fertilization on the nutritive value of oat forages (Jun 2017)
item Effects of straw processing and pen stocking density on holstein dairy heifers: ii) behavior and hygiene (Jun 2017)
item Effects of straw processing and pen stocking density on holstein dairy heifers: i) growth and sorting characteristics (Jun 2017)
item Effect of diet energy level and genomic residual feed intake on pre-bred dairy heifer feed intake and growth (Jun 2017)
item Effects of irrigation on sorghum forage yield and quality in the central sands region of Wisconsin (Jun 2017)
item Particles, particles everywhere: What is in the air we breathe? (Jun 2017)
item Biochar as a tool to reduce the agricultural greenhouse-gas burden-knowns, unknowns, and future research needs (Jun 2017)
item Evaluation of yield and nutritive value of forage sorghums with different irrigation or fertilization rates (Jun 2017)
item Nutritive value and fermentation characteristics of alfalfa-mixed grass forage wrapped with minimal stretch film layers and stored for different lengths of time (Jun 2017)
item Hydrological modeling of fecal indicator bacteria in a tropical mountain catchment (Jun 2017)
item Potential for sorghum forages for dairy heifers in the midwest (Jun 2017)
item Characterization of a combined batch-continuous procedure for the culture of anammox biomass (Jun 2017)
item Fabrication, optimization and characterization of noble silver nanoparticles from sugarcane leaves (Saccharum officinarum) extract for antifungal application (Jun 2017)
item Biochar research activities and their relation to development and environmental quality: A meta-analysis (Jun 2017)
item Understanding chemistry behind secondary aerosol production from nitrogen and sulfur compounds from agriculture (Jun 2017)
item Effect of biochemical factors from mixed animal wastes feedstock in biogas production (Jun 2017)
item Improving models for describing phosphorus cycling in agricultural soils (Jun 2017)
item Agriculture and water quality, developments and challenges in science, management and policy in 2013-2017: Examples from a few countries (Jun 2017)
item Diverse rotations and poultry litter improves soybean yield (Jun 2017)
item Optimizing the bio-optical algorithm for estimating chlorophyll-a and phycocyanin concentrations in inland waters in Korea (May 2017)
item Ammonia and nitrous oxide emissions from broiler houses with downtime windrowed litter (May 2017)
item Switchgrass growth and effects on biomass accumulation, moisture content, and nutrient removal (May 2017)
item Effect of high flow events on spatiotemporal variation of E. coli concentrations in creek sediments (May 2017)
item Agreement between quantitative microbial risk assessment and epidemiology at low doses during waterborne outbreaks of protozoan disease (May 2017)
item Digester effluent’s agronomic and odor emission potential: A swine case study (May 2017)
item Manure treatment and natural inactivation of porcine epidemic diarrhea virus in soils (May 2017)
item Sensitivity of soil microbial processes to livestock antimicrobials (May 2017)
item Monitoring and modeling of microbial and biological water quality (May 2017)
item Potential for increased use of cereal grain forages on dairy operations (May 2017)
item Effects of energy supplementation on energy losses and nitrogen balance of steers fed green-chopped wheat pasture I. Calorimetry (May 2017)
item Recovery of ammonia and production of high-grade phosphates from side-stream digester effluents using gas-permeable membranes (May 2017)
item Hydrogeology and human health (May 2017)
item Human virus and microbial indicator occurrence in public-supply groundwater systems: meta-analysis of 12 international studies (Apr 2017)
item GIS-based smartphone application to support water quality data collection (Apr 2017)
item Runoff delay exerts a strong control on the field-scale removal of manure-borne fecal bacteria with runoff (Apr 2017)
item Temporal stability of Escherichia coli concentration patterns in two irrigation ponds in Maryland (Apr 2017)
item The importance of NDF in constructing diets for dairy (Apr 2017)
item Temporal stability of E. coli concentration patterns in two irrigation ponds in Maryland (Apr 2017)
item Development and evaluation of the microbial fate and transport module for the Agricultural Policy/Environmental eXtender (APEX) model (Apr 2017)
item Soil and public health: invisible bridges (Apr 2017)
item Spatial variability in nitrous oxide and methane emissions from beef cattle feedyard pen surfaces (Apr 2017)
item Research overview at USDA-ARS Coastal Plains, Soil, Water and Plant Research Center, and potential collaborative research projects with RDA - NIAS (Apr 2017)
item Prevalence of Escherichia coli O157:H7 in beef cattle at slaughter and beef carcasses at retail shops in Ethiopia (Apr 2017)
item Effects on roughage inclusion and particle size on digestion and ruminal fermentation characteristics of beef steers (Apr 2017)
item A systematic review and meta-analysis of trypanosome prevalence in tsetse flies (Apr 2017)
item Hydrothermal carbonization of livestock mortality for the reduction of pathogens and microbially-derived DNA (Apr 2017)
item How well do we understand nitrous oxide emissions from open-lot cattle systems? (Apr 2017)
item Use of aluminum sulfate (alum) to decrease ammonia emissions from beef cattle bedded manure packs (Apr 2017)
item Recovery of ammonia and production of high-grade phosphates from digester effluents (Mar 2017)
item Recovery of proteins and phosphorus from manure (Mar 2017)
item Groundwater and enteric disease: A review of the epidemiological evidence (Mar 2017)
item Long-term effects of grazing management and buffer strips on soil erosion from pastures (Mar 2017)
item Effects of grazing management and buffer strips on metal runoff from pastures fertilized with poultry litter (Mar 2017)
item Phosphorus recovery from anaerobic swine lagoon sludge using the quick wash process (Mar 2017)
item Interaction of bale size and preservative rate for large-round bales of alfalfa hay (Mar 2017)
item Impact of crop rotation and soil amendments on long-term no-tilled soybean yields (Mar 2017)
item Utility of alfalfa stemlage for feeding dairy heifers (Mar 2017)
item Removal of antimony (III) and cadmium (II) from aqueous solution using animal manure-derived hydrochars and pyrochars (Mar 2017)
item Water retention and preferential states of soil moisture in a cultivated vertisol (Feb 2017)
item Net effects of nitrogen fertilization on the nutritive value and digestibility of oat forages (Feb 2017)
item Recovery of ammonia and phosphate minerals from swine wastewater using gas-permeable membranes (Jan 2017)
item Accuracy of sample dimension-dependent pedotransfer functions in estimation of soil saturated hydraulic conductivity (Jan 2017)
item Scale effects on runoff and soil erosion in rangelands: observations and estimations with predictors of different availability (Jan 2017)
item Enrichment of stream water with fecal indicator organisms from bottom sediments during baseflow periods (Jan 2017)
item Modeling the interannual variability of microbial quality metrics of irrigation water in a Pennsylvanian stream (Jan 2017)
item E. coli release from streambed to water column during base flow periods: a modeling study (Dec 2016)
item N fertilization for improved forage yields has little impact on nutritive value (Dec 2016)
item Human health and groundwater (Dec 2016)
item Managing Cover Crops, Crop Rotation, and Poultry Manure to Increase Soil Health (Nov 2016)
item Mitigation measures to reduce losses of phosphorus during the non-cropping period - a northern European perspective (Nov 2016)
item The effect of zilpaterol hydrochloride supplementation on energy metabolism and nitrogen and carbon retention of steers fed at maintenance and fasting intake levels (Oct 2016)
item On the role of patterns in understanding the functioning of soil-vegetation-atmosphere systems (Sep 2016)
item Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of palladium nanoparticles from Prunus × yedoensis leaf extract (Aug 2016)
item Research update: Yield and nutritive value of photoperiod-sensitive sorghum and sorghum-sudangrass (Aug 2016)
item Bacteria transport simulation using APEX model in the Toenepi watershed, New Zealand (Jul 2016)
item E. coli in PA streams as affected by climate forcing (Jul 2016)
item New submodel for watershed-scale simulations of fecal bacteria fate and transport at agricultural and pasture lands (Jul 2016)
item Inflammation and emphysema in cigarette smoke-exposed mice when instilled with poly (I:C) or infected with influenza A or respiratory syncytial viruses (Jul 2016)
item Nuevas estrategias de gestión, tratamiento y valorización de los efluentes organicos pecuarios: Experiencias en USDA. (Management strategies for organic livestock effluents,innovative treatment and valorization) (Jun 2016)
item Assessing the radar rainfall estimates in watershed-scale water quality model (Apr 2016)
item Escherichia coli survival in the presence of Chlorella vulgaris in a nutrient supplemented freshwater medium (Apr 2016)
item Remval of fecal indicator bacteria from manured soils under simulated rainfall events spaced in time (Apr 2016)
item Effect of weather, subsurface topography and fertilizer type on corn yields at the BARC experimental OPE3 site (Apr 2016)
item Bacteria transport simulation using apex model in the toenepi watershed, New Zealand (Apr 2016)
item Prediction of E. coli release from streambed to water column during base flow periods using SWAT model (Apr 2016)
item Chlorophyll-a concentration estimation with three bio-optical algorithms: correction for the low concentration range for the Yiam Reservoir, Korea (Feb 2016)