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Models for Irrigation Water Management
item Moving forward on remote sensing of soil salinity at regional scale (Sep 2016)
item Soybean yield response: planting date and maturity groups in Missouri (Sep 2016)
item Precision agriculture approach for improving cotton irrigation (Sep 2016)
item Assessing FAO-56 dual crop coefficients using eddy covariance flux partitioning (Aug 2016)
item Automated support tool for variable rate irrigation prescriptions (Jul 2016)
item Time-lapse monitoring of soil water content using electromagnetic conductivity imaging (Jul 2016)
item Spectral characterization and surface complexation modeling of low molecular weight organics on hematite nanoparticles: Role of electrolytes in the binding mechanism (Jul 2016)
item Comparative regional-scale soil salinity assessment with near-ground apparent electrical conductivity and remote sensing canopy reflectance (Jun 2016)
item Annual irrigation water use for Arkansas rice production (Jun 2016)
item Investigating irrigation scheduling for rice using variable rate irrigation (Jun 2016)
item Diversifying soybean production risk using maturity group and planting date choices (May 2016)
item Influence of irrigation pattern on effectiveness of furrow irrigation of cotton (May 2016)
item Validation of the ANOCOVA model for regional scale ECa-ECe calibration (May 2016)
item Quantifying tight-gas sandstone permeability via critical path analysis (Apr 2016)
item Spatial interpolation quality assessments for soil sensor transect datasets (Mar 2016)
item Monitoring scale-specific and temporal variation in electromagnetic conductivity images (Mar 2016)
item Validation of sensor-directed spatial simulated annealing soil sampling strategy (Feb 2016)
item Yield response to planting date among soybean maturity groups for irrigated production in the US Midsouth (Feb 2016)
item Transport, retention, and long-term release behavior of ZnO nanoparticle aggregates in saturated quartz sand: Role of solution pH and biofilm coating (Dec 2015)
item Automating variable rate irrigation management prescriptions for center pivots from field data maps (Nov 2015)
item Using variable rate irrigation to determine optimal irrigation schedule for aerobic rice production (Nov 2015)
item Regional-scale soil salinity assessment using Landsat ETM+ canopy reflectance (Nov 2015)
item Critical role of surface roughness on colloid retention and release in porous media (Oct 2015)
item Reproducible research in vadose zone sciences (Oct 2015)
item Using satellite-based estimates of evapotranspiration and groundwater changes to determine anthropogenic water fluxes in land surface models (Oct 2015)
item Mapping soil moisture across an irrigated field using electromagnetic conductivity imaging (Sep 2015)
item Spatio-temporal impacts of dairy lagoon water reuse on soil: Heavy metals and salinity (Aug 2015)
item Site-specific relationship between corn population and yield (Jul 2015)
item Downscaling Landsat 7 canopy reflectance employing a multi soil sensor platform (Jun 2015)
item Soil carbon and nitrogen stocks of different Hawaiian sugarcane cultivars (Jun 2015)
item Colloid release and clogging in porous media: Effects of solution ionic strength and flow velocity (Jun 2015)
item Boron (May 2015)
item Impact of soil variability on irrigated and rainfed cotton (May 2015)
item Normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) variation among cultivars and environments (May 2015)
item Chemical modeling of boron adsorption by humic materials using the constant capacitance model (Apr 2015)
item Modeling selenate adsorption behavior on oxides, clay minerals, and soils using the triple layer model (Apr 2015)
item Temperature-dependent infrared and calorimetric studies on arsenicals adsorption from solution to hematite nanoparticles (Feb 2015)
item A soil moisture accounting-procedure with a Richards' equation-based soil texture-dependent parameterization (Jan 2015)
item Analytical steady-state solutions for water-limited cropping systems using saline irrigation water (Dec 2014)
item Sensing nitrogen requirements for irrigated and rainfed cotton (Oct 2014)
item Regional scale soil salinity evaluation using Landsat 7, western San Joaquin Valley, California, USA (Oct 2014)
item Specific surface area effect on adsorption of chlorpyrifos and TCP by soils and modeling (Oct 2014)
item Long-rotation sugarcane in Hawaii sustains high carbon accumulation and radiation use efficiency in 2nd year of growth (Oct 2014)
item Transport, retention, and size perturbation of graphene oxide in saturated porous media: Effects of input concentration and grain size (Oct 2014)
item Irrigation challenges in the sub-humid US mid-south (Sep 2014)
item Soybean maturity group choices for early - and late - plantings in the US Midsouth (Aug 2014)
item Spatio-temporal response of maize yield to edaphic and meteorological conditions in a saline farmland (Aug 2014)
item Modeling selenium (IV and VI) adsorption envelopes in selected tropical soils using the constant capacitance model (Aug 2014)
item Application of surface complexation models to anion adsorption by natural materials (Aug 2014)
item The use of numerical flow and transport models in environmental analyses (Aug 2014)
item An explanation for differences in the process of colloid adsorption in batch and column studies (Jun 2014)
item Improving irrigation management for humid and sub-humid climates (Jun 2014)
item Global sensitivity analysis for UNSATCHEM simulations of crop production with degraded waters (Jun 2014)
item Coupled effects of hydrodynamic and solution chemistry conditions on long-term nanoparticle transport and deposition in saturated porous media (Jun 2014)
item A simplified regional-scale electromagnetic induction - Salinity calibration model using ANOCOVA modeling techniques (Apr 2014)
item A new soil test for quantitative measurement of available and adsorbed boron (Apr 2014)
item Macroscopic experimental and modeling evaluation of selenite and selenate adsorption mechanisms on gibbsite (Feb 2014)
item Delineation of site-specific management units in a saline region at the Venice Lagoon margin, Italy, using soil reflectance and apparent electrical conductivity (Nov 2013)
item Mobile proximal soil sensing for crop productivity assessment and water management (Nov 2013)
item Retention and remobilization of stabilized silver nanoparticles in an undisturbed loamy sand soil (Oct 2013)
item Release of quantum dot nanoparticles in porous media: Role of cation exchange and aging time (Sep 2013)
item Surface complexation modeling (Sep 2013)
item Exact analytical solutions for contaminant transport in rivers 2. Transient storage and decay chain solutions (Sep 2013)
item Soybean irrigation management (Aug 2013)
item Performance evaluation of a center pivot variable rate irrigation system (Jul 2013)
item Effect of drought stress on sensing nitrogen requirements for cotton (Jul 2013)
item Numerical modeling of contaminant transport using HYDRUS and its specialized modules (Jun 2013)
item Limited transport of functionalized multi-walled carbon nanotubes in two natural soils (Jun 2013)
item Exact analytical solutions for contaminant transport in rivers 1. The equilibrium advection-dispersion equation (Jun 2013)
item Arsenate adsorption by unsaturated alluvial sediments (Apr 2013)
item Colloid transport in dual-permeability media (Apr 2013)
item Solute transport in a loamy soil under subsurface porous clay pipe irrigation (Apr 2013)
item Analytical solutions of the one-dimensional advection-dispersion solute transport equation subject to time-dependent boundary conditions (Apr 2013)
item Improving irrigation management for humid and sub-humid climates (Mar 2013)
item pH dependent salinity-boron interactions impact yield, biomass, evapotranspiration and boron uptake in broccoli (Brassica oleracea L.) (Mar 2013)
item Effects of soil hydraulic and transport parameter uncertainty on predictions of solute transport in large lysimeters (Feb 2013)
item Water quality criteria for use of saline/degraded water for irrigation (Feb 2013)
item Modeling selenite adsorption envelopes on oxides, clay minerals, and soils using the triple layer model (Jan 2013)
item Analytical solution for the advection-dispersion transport equation in layered media (Oct 2012)
item Water stress effects on spatially referenced cotton crop canopy properties (Oct 2012)
item Crop water use predictions available on-line for sprinkler irrigated rice in the United States and South Africa (Oct 2012)
item Initiating and terminating irrigation for the season (Sep 2012)
item Drought tolerance (Aug 2012)
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