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Models for Irrigation Water Management
item Compilation of literature using apparent soil electrical conductivity with geophysical techniques to measure soil properties (Mar 2019)
item Co-transport of multi-walled carbon nanotubes and sodium dodecylbenzenesulfonate in chemically heterogeneous porous media (Feb 2019)
item Physics-informed data-driven models to predict surface runoff water quantity and quality in agricultural fields (Jan 2019)
item Drywell infiltration and hydraulic properties in heterogeneous soil profiles (Jan 2019)
item Mapping soil salinity from space: Keeping an eye on degradation of the world’s farmland (Dec 2018)
item Buying water for the environment: A hydro-economic analysis of Salton Sea inflows (Nov 2018)
item Estimating the permeability of naturally structured soil from percolation theory and pore space characteristics imaged by x-ray (Oct 2018)
item Importance of the El Nino teleconnection to the 21st century California wintertime extreme precipitation increase (Oct 2018)
item 21st century California drought risk linked to model fidelity of the El Nino teleconnection (Sep 2018)
item Site specific crop management (Aug 2018)
item California’s fourth climate assessment: Inland deserts region report (Aug 2018)
item Modeling the transport and retention of polydispersed colloidal suspensions in porous media (Aug 2018)
item Site specific crop management (Aug 2018)
item Cotton yield estimation based on plant height from UAV-based imagery data (Jul 2018)
item Variety effects on cotton yield monitor calibration (Jun 2018)
item Validating the use of MODIS time series for salinity assessment over agricultural soils in California, USA (Jun 2018)
item Minimizing virus transport in porous media by optimizing solid phase inactivation (May 2018)
item Evaluating drywells for stormwater management and enhanced aquifer recharge (Apr 2018)
item Transport and retention of surfactant- and polymer-stabilized engineered silver nanoparticles in silicate-dominated aquifer material (Mar 2018)
item Fluxpart: Open source software for partitioning carbon dioxide and water vapor fluxes (Feb 2018)
item Measurement and partitioning of evapotranspiration for application to vadose zone studies (Jan 2018)
item Measuring short-crop reference evapotranspiration in a humid region using electronic atmometers (Oct 2017)
item Comparison of crop stress and soil maps to enhance variable rate irrigation prescriptions (Oct 2017)
item Impact of variety on cotton yield monitor calibration (Jul 2017)
item Know your community: evapotranspiration measurement and modeling (Jul 2017)