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Building Productivity in Eroded Soils
item Potential for nutrient loss reduction in cover cropped systems in the Upper Midwest (Apr 2019)
item Improving in-situ estimation of soil profile properties using a multi-sensor probe (Feb 2019)
item Management considerations for rye cover crop production (Feb 2019)
item Will ephemeral wetlands be impacted by changing climate and land use in the Southern High Plains? (Jan 2019)
item Winter cover crop effects on soil microbial population and community structure in claypan soils with corn-soybean rotation (Jan 2019)
item Stover harvest did not change soil nitrous oxide emissions in two Minnesota fields (Jan 2019)
item Crop residue management challenges: A special issue overview (Jan 2019)
item Innovative method for cover crop termination using engine exhaust heat (Dec 2018)
item Sensor data fusion for precision soil health (Nov 2018)
item Spring camelina N rate: Balancing agronomics and environmental risk in United States Corn Belt (Oct 2018)
item Statistical modeling of phenotypic plasticity under abiotic stress in Triticum durum L. vs. T. aestivum L. genotypes (Aug 2018)
item Manure and residue inputs maintained soil organic carbon in Upper Midwest conservation production systems (Aug 2018)
item A "Soil Lorax" perspective on corn stover for advanced biofuels (Jul 2018)
item Limited seed and seed yield response of calendula to applied nitrogen does not justify risk of environmental damage from high urea application rates (Mar 2018)
item The Soil Health Partnership database: preliminary results and future prospects in soil health management (Jan 2018)
item Soil health response to alternative cultivation practices in an organic system (Jan 2018)
item Agriculture in the Fertile Crescent: Continuity and change under climate change (Nov 2017)
item Does soil C accrual under perennial grasses managed for bioenergy offset fertilizer induced N2O emission? (Oct 2017)
item Long-term productivity in traditional, organic and low-input management systems of the Upper Midwest (Oct 2017)
item Impacts of managing perennial grasses in the northern Midwest United States for bioenergy on soil organic C and nitrous oxide emission (Sep 2017)
item Stover harvest impacts soil and hydrologic properties on three Minnesota farms (Jun 2017)