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Diet & Onset of Related Disorders - Elde
item Genetics and gene-environment interactions on longevity and lifespan (Nov 2016)
item Associations of the MCM6-rs3754686 proxy for milk intake in Mediterranean and American populations with cardiovascular biomarkers, disease and mortality: Mendelian randomization (Sep 2016)
item Effect of personalized nutrition on health-related behavior change: evidence from the Food4Me randomized controlled trial (Aug 2016)
item Interaction of an S100A9 gene variant with saturated fat and carbohydrates to modulate insulin resistance in 3 populations of different ancestries (Aug 2016)
item Long-term moderate calorie restriction inhibits inflammation without impairing cell-mediated immunity: a randomized controlled trial in non obese humans (Jul 2016)
item Supplementation with major royal jelly proteins increases lifespan, feeding and fecundity in Drosophila (Jul 2016)
item Magnesium deficiency: What is our status (Jun 2016)
item Guide and position of the International Society of Nutrigenetics/Nutrigenomics on personalised nutrition: Part 1 - fields of precision nutrition (May 2016)
item Vitamin K dependent protein activity and incident ischemic cardiovascular disease: The multi ethnic study of atherosclerosis (May 2016)
item Nutritional quality of eggs from hens fed distillers dried grains with solubles (Apr 2016)
item Nutrigenomics, the microbiome, and gene environment interactions: new directions in cardiovascular disease research, prevention, and treatment. A scientific statement From the American Heart Association (Apr 2016)
item The rise, the fall and the renaissance of vitamin E (Apr 2016)
item The omega-3 index is inversely associated with depressive symptoms among individuals with elevated oxidative stress biomarkers (Mar 2016)
item Effect of structured physical activity on respiratory outcomes in sedentary elderly adults with mobility limitations (Mar 2016)
item Recommendations for the conduct of clinical trials for drugs to treat or prevent sarcopenia (Feb 2016)
item Age associated declines in muscle mass, strength, power, and physical performance: impact on fear of falling and quality of life (Feb 2016)
item Physical activity attenuates the effect of the FTO genotype on obesity-related traits in European adults: Findings from the Food4Me study (Feb 2016)
item Characterization of chemical, biological and antiproliferative properties of fermented black carrot juice,shalgam (Feb 2016)
item Cost effectiveness of the LIFE physical activity intervention for older adults at increased risk for mobility disability (Feb 2016)
item Antihypertensive use and the effect of a physical activity intervention in the prevention of major mobility disability among older adults: The LIFE study (Feb 2016)
item Bioavailability and biodistribution of nanodelivered lutein (Feb 2016)
item Hyperglycemia and anthocyanin inhibit quercetin metabolism in HepG2 cells (Feb 2016)
item Effects of 2-year calorie restriction on circulating levels of IGF-1, IGF-binding proteins and cortisol in non-obese men and women: a randomized clinical trial (Feb 2016)
item Effect of zinc supplementation on serum zinc concentration and T cell proliferation in nursing home elderly:A randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial (Jan 2016)
item Diminished anabolic signaling responses to insulin induced by intramuscular lipid accumulation is associated with inflammation in aging but not obesity (Jan 2016)
item Acyl CoA synthetase 5 (ACSL5) ablation in mice increases energy expenditure and insulin sensitivity and delays fat absorption (Jan 2016)
item Monthly high dose vitamin D treatment for the prevention of functional decline: a randomized clinical trial (Jan 2016)
item Concepts and controversies in estimating vitamin K status in population based studies (Jan 2016)
item Liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry quantification of urinary proanthocyanin A2 dimer and its potential use as a biomarker of cranberry intake (Jan 2016)
item Seeds - health benefits, barriers to incorporation, and strategies for practitioners in supporting consumption among consumers (Jan 2016)
item Clock genes explain large proportion of phenotypic variance in systolic blood pressure and this control is not modified by environmental temperature (Jan 2016)
item The AMPK-related kinase SNARK regulates muscle mass and myocyte survival (Dec 2015)
item An observational study identifying obese subgroups among older adults at increased risk of mobility disability: do perceptions of the neighborhood environment matter (Dec 2015)
item Muscle power is an independent determinant of pain and quality of life in knee osteoarthritis (Dec 2015)
item Functional genomics analysis of big data identifies novel peroxisome proliferator–activated receptor gamma target single nucleotide polymorphisms showing association with cardiometabolic outcomes (Dec 2015)
item Concord grape juice polyphenols and cardiovascular risk factors: dose-response relationships (Dec 2015)
item Life-course approach to nutrition (Dec 2015)
item Functional genomics analysis of big data identifies novel PPARy target SNPs showing association with cardio metabolic outcomes (Dec 2015)
item Myostatin antibody (LY2495655) in older weak fallers: a proof-of-concept, randomised, phase 2 trial (Dec 2015)
item Osteocalcin carboxylation is not associated with body weight or percent fat changes during weight loss in post menopausal women (Dec 2015)
item Comparative performance of current definitions of sarcopenia against the prospective incidence of falls among community dwelling seniors age 65 and older (Dec 2015)
item Osteocalcin carboxylation is not associated with body weight or percent fat changes during weight loss in post menopausal women (Dec 2015)
item Potassium bicarbonate supplementation lowers bone turnover and calcium excretion in older men and women a randomized dose-finding trial (Nov 2015)
item What is a clinically meaningful improvement in leg-extensor power for mobility-limited older adults? (Nov 2015)
item Weight change and all-cause mortality in older adults: A meta-analysis (Nov 2015)
item Short sleep duration and dietary intake: epidemiological evidence, mechanisms, and health implications (Nov 2015)
item Association between body weight and composition and plasma 25 hydroxyvitamin D level in the diabetes prevention program (Nov 2015)
item Effects of a one year physical activity program on serum C Terminal Agrin Fragment (CAF) concentrations among mobility limited older adults (Nov 2015)
item Synthesis and biological evaluation of novel gigantol derivatives as potential agents in prevention of diabetic cataract (Oct 2015)
item Analysis and interpretation of accelerometry data in older adults: The LIFE Study (Oct 2015)
item Potential link between excess added sugar intake and ectopic fat: a systematic review of randomized controlled trials (Oct 2015)
item Calcium plus vitamin D supplementation and risk of fractures: an updated meta analysis from the National Osteoporosis Foundation (Oct 2015)
item Lutein and brain function (Oct 2015)
item Longitudinal association of dairy consumption with the changes in blood pressure and the risk of incident hypertension: the Framingham Heart Study (Sep 2015)
item Consumption of meat is associated with higher fasting glucose and insulin concentrations regardless of glucose and insulin genetic risk scores: a meta-analysis of 50,345 Caucasians (Sep 2015)
item Dietary flavonoid intakes and cardiovascular disease incidence in the Framingham Offspring Cohort (Sep 2015)
item A two year randomized controlled trial of human caloric restriction: feasibility and effects on predictors of health span and longevity (Sep 2015)
item Exploratory metabolomic analyses reveal compounds correlated with lutein concentration in frontal cortex, hippocampus, and occipital cortex of human infant brain (Aug 2015)
item Cardio metabolic and immunological impacts of extra virgin olive oil consumption in overweight and obese older adults: a randomized controlled trial (Aug 2015)
item Analytes and metabolites associated with muscle quality in young, healthy adults (Aug 2015)
item Validation of internet-based self-reported anthropometric, demographic data and participant identity in the Food4Me study (Jul 2015)
item Association between sleep duration, insomnia symptoms and bone mineral density in older Puerto Rican adults (Jul 2015)
item Genome-wide association study of triglyceride response to a high-fat meal among participants of the NHLBI genetics of lipid lowering drugs and diet network (GOLDN) (Jul 2015)
item Improving the estimation of flavonoid intake for study of health outcomes (Jun 2015)
item Association of dietary patterns and weight change in rural older adults 75 years and older (Dec 2014)
Last Modified: 8/13/2016
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